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Any time I can wear a burgandy/cranberry/violet shade, I will! I have learned to use them in warm and cool palettes any time of year! I have green eyes and find that those shades in combination with anything else really make my eyes the focal point…which is my goal πŸ™‚

I do nude lips year round, I never wear vampy shades and only use reds and vibrant colors occasionally, not based on season at all. I love coral/peach in spring and summer and tone it down a bit or do darker shades for fall/winter is all. I guess I just like a very natural kind of barely-there makeup look. I don’t even wear shadow much.

“natural” or minimal makeup, like my-lips-but-better lipsticks or glosses, black or dark brown eyeliner (i have black hair and brown eyes so it doesn’t look heavy), and blush applied softly.

I don’t really pay attention to seasonal trends. I know them but use very rarely.
In autumn and summer I use brown and taupe eyeshadows with pink blush and nude pink or nude beige lip gloss. In summer I prefer bronze make-up with bronze and gold eyeshadows and bronzing powder all over my face.

Stila Kitten eyeshadow, MAC Dipdown fluidline for winged eyeliner, MAC Bite of An Apple blush, and MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick.

This look never, ever goes out of season for me. In fact, it’s my all-time favorite makeup look. I love different plays and interpretations of the “pinup” look.

I’m another winged liner girl. Not an everyday look for me anymore, but still a year- round standard if I want to look like care what I look like πŸ™‚ For more spirited affairs, nothing beats the addition of a matte red lip- classic for a reason!

its funny because i dont like wearing seasonal looks in fall/winter (with the exception of tons of reds and golds during the holidays), because its expected and typical, but in the spring/summer, im rocking corals, peaches and oranges like its nobodies business and those colors are pretty typical… i just hate fall/winter looks. πŸ™‚

Im not really a girlo who follows the season colous and trends, but it seems to always be smokey eyes for me. With a pair of grey contacts and a nude or pale lip, it just works every day of the year

While I tend to gravitate towards certain shades according to season now that I am living in a temperate climate, but most of the time, I don’t care. I wear what I feel like wearing on that day. Purple, pink, yellow, blue and green, and of course, neutrals like those in the UD Naked palette.

I don’t really change it up much at all. I try to go for the totally natural look (like the Chanel images you posted not long ago!) and a cat eye for dressing up or formal occasions.

Black eyeliner of some sort, smokey eyes of some sort, bronzer, or bold pink or dark or bold red lips. In the summer I may wear orange lipstick if the weatheris particularly hot and bright outside.

Before I used to emphasize way more my eyes than my lips (from time to time I still put the accent on them but not as much as I used to) but… ever since I’ve been hooked up to the Mad Men’s series I realized brownish-nude eyes and popping lips (red, coral, fuchsia, pink, you name it – more the ‘pin-up’ kind of makeup) look more flattering on me. Or maybe I grew up too!

I’m always off-season because I’m looking forward to the next one!

At the end of winter I can’t wait for summer, so I start early with the fake tanner and in January I’m already wearing coral blush, or bright pink lipstick, or bronze eye-shadow. By mid-summer I’m over it and go back pale, and switch to heavy wing eyeliner and shadow, plums and dark reds.

Pink/Rosy cheeks that give them that “oh, you’re so healthy” look and MLBB pink lips with mascara.

I adore my other lip and cheek colors, but whenever I don’t know what I feel like wearing or when I want something I’m sure to make me smile, this is what I do. And I have so many ways to get it, too. hehehe

dark lips.I just love it,I also love neutral lip colors but I really can’t stand the washed-out I stopped by a mac counter with the dark side lippie on.a MU said “well it is not so seasonal but looks lovely on you” πŸ™‚

I just wear what I like, I don’t pay attention to seasons and what the “rules” may be at the time. I wear mostly neutrals anyways so I guess those are always in season lol

i wear a tan or maybe honey color eyeshadow on the lid, highlight the cheekbones, and keep the lip simple, almost barely there. The one constant in Nymphette lipgloss which is a shame because I have so many

I always go back to sand/tan colours when I can’t seem to get creative. Or in a rush. Like today it’s Groundwork paint pot as a base, blended out with Grain over top (on lid and in crease). I use either Laura Mercier Morning Dew or Wet n Wild Brule as a highlighter and to blend. It’s kind of sultry, but natural and I can add darker liner or a lighter pearly liner to change it up. Usually I’ll use a soft brown or bronzer and a soft pink gloss.

And it’s an easy look I can’t really screw up!!

My go-to, no-brainer look is basic liquid foundation, Smashbox eyeshadow in Champagne, and Smashbox lip gloss on Baby Pout. It’s my favorite “no makeup” makeup look and goes on in 2 minutes.

For me it would probably be gold-beige shadows, black liner, and red lipstick. This look works for a lot of outfits and occasions, and it’s classic. Just ask Gwen Stefani. πŸ™‚

Ok this will date me but still springs to mind with the question asked. I am a girl who rarely wears the exact look twice, but the look that really always made me sigh contentedly once I was altogether was MAC Clone e/s and Myth lipstick. The other two alternatives were Juxt+Sketch and Tilt+Contrast with Hue . Dreamt of college last night so no wonder these came to mind πŸ™‚

I am not terribly trendy about makeup. I do go for softer shades like pinks, roses and some brights 9carefully applied and blended) for Spring and Summer and more classic neutrals and smokey colours for Fall and Winter.

If I am in a hurry or don’t want to put a look together, I tend to fall back on soft neutrals. Taupes, soft browns and golds, espresso liner and plenty of black mascara, a soft cheek and lip.

Very light shades of cool taupes, smokey greys and plums for eyes; cool pink, lavender and mauve shades on cheeks; light neutral beigy pinks or cool pinks on lips.

A bright matte white inner corner, soft black liner on the outer corner (top and bottom), thick black lashes, pink cheeks, and either a nude lip or a vibrant red/pink. Very simple but always flattering πŸ™‚

I love the combination of matt nude (lid) and withe eye shadow (browbone), no matter what season is. Pink blush (matt) black or dark brown eye liner and lipgloss.

For work I’m constantly switching up my looks but I’m shamefully lazy about putting on makeup when I’m not working. My go to look is very minimal-Mascara (sometimes winged liner) & a bold lipstick (the color depends on my mood rather than the season). Takes me less than 5 minutes & always looks great.

Bobbi Brown e/s in Rose Gold and Raisin. I’ve worn this combo with so many different outfits at different times of the year, and the application is fail-safe.

I tend to follow the seasons, pastels & brighter colors in spring & summer and darker shimmery colors for autumn & winter. One look that I will always wear though, regardless of season, is Too Faced’s “Classic” look from the Naked Eye palette. This is my go-to look when I want to wear heavier, glam makeup…it works with everything!

“smokey eyes in any colour”
I tried to do different styles to match my outfits but
end up having smokey eyes many times.
“bright red lipstick”
I know it might be too much to have strong eyes and lips at the same time and I do match them in the morning. but when i pass by makeup counter during my lunch break… I just can’t resist trying on bright red lipsticks from different brands. πŸ˜›

I go back to matte browns, golds, shimmery apricots, black liner (almost always – though sometimes a deep gray that is not made anymore (waaaa). I look best with a mix of pink/apricot in my blush. I really avoid brown blushes and bronzers. I just got back from a trip for medial things and I took the least makeup I ever have taken anywhere. I wore the same shades for the entire week and it made packing and unpacking when I got home soooo much easier!

Timeless, 1940’s pinup look πŸ™‚
Light shimmery beige eyeshadow on the lid, darker brown in the crease, black liquid liner, peachy-pink cheeks, pink or peachy-coral gloss.

If I want to wear it out and make it more dramatic, I’ll do a red lip.

I love this look, I think I look my best when I’m wearing it.

I always rely on a matte taupe/gray eyeshadow, smudged blk pencil rimming the eye, black liquid liner thinly winged up and out and either a MLBB nude rose lip or sheer red lip.

I always gravitate towards mauve, pink lips with different colored gel liners and lots of black mascara. I’ve recently added bronzer to the look and have never looked back.

UD’s chronic, jones and acid rain with el dorado (and possibly graffiti and mildew) eyeliner, light black mascara and mac jubilee or UD gravity lipstick or mac lipglass in wonderwoman if I’m feeling like “come at me!”. I know this sounds wild but it actually makes my green eyes look fakely, freakishly green. I dress pretty effed-up also!

I wear makeup based on mood, although I do admit to liking Fall better as I like a smokey, heavy lid and it’s more acceptable then. My safety, no time for makeup, look is a pink or peach look with a color gradation – heavy at the lash line, fading towards the brow.

Either a smokey eye with a nude lip & pale pink cheek, or a really light nude/gold/brown eye with a loud red lip. I have really big, full lips so that one always gets attention!

Mornings/office: soft brown smokey eyes, with a touch of pink blush and soft pink lipstick
Night: a combination of frosty white->silver->graphite eyes, with contoured cheeks and nude but glossy lips.
Love them every time!!!
(NC15, brown eyes, red hair)

A vaguely retro, pin-up type look with lightish eyeshadow, heavy top lid eye liner, and a strong (usually dark hot pink) lip. It’s just a very flattering look on me.

I always go back to a golden brown lid with a brown in the crease, along with gold pigment in my inner corner to make my blue eyes pop, and blue eyeliner on the botom.

I am famous for a bronzey/goldish eye, black eyeliner all the way around, bronzer on the cheeks and a baby pink lip. Oh and Lashes are a must on everyday!

Neutral eyeshadows and dark lower lash lines… i tend to use all my makeup at least once a season but i do think there are blushes that work better for different times of the year

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