What gets you excited about a new launch initially?

This Week's Poll

Product colors/textures

71%, 1,080 Votes


15%, 225 Votes

Brand or collaborator

14%, 208 Votes

Other -- I'll tell you in the comments!

1%, 8 Votes

Total Voters: 1,521

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Colors, implication of quality (so by brand, reviews, testing in store) , and if it’s limited edition or permanent. I avoid LE’s; too many times I’ve been heartbroken when a favorite is discontinued.

I’m first interested in the range of products in the collection to see if that appeals to me. Later, swatches and reviews as they become available.

I’ve got enough of a collection now that it’s hard to get excited about launches anymore. I need something that is not only unusual and unique to my collection, but also excellent quality and with good packaging.

I feel the same way. Packaging doesn’t really intrigued. Oooh shiny blue packaging. Ooh cardboard packaging with some Disney character. Who cares unless it is formula that is good, blendable, pigmented, long lasting etc. I have so much so if I am going to buy it has to be something that can compliment what I already own or make me replace an item. I don’t usually get too excited by new collections bc it is the same boring stuff I have a million times over. If I buy something it def has to be unique but wearable

100% the product, colour, texture inside the packaging. However packaging is definitely the second reason I go for products ? Although when I purchase makeup I do admit I don’t go for brands that have the most gorgeous packaging on ALL their products…such as Too Faced.

I admit that one of the first things I notice about new launches is the packaging! If it’s unusual for the brand it catches my attention and I’m more likely to take a closer look at the colors.

Pretty much just product colors and textures. The last time I bought something for the LE packaging was the Guerlain Perles de Neige – LE packaging doesn’t really matter to me and LE is usually a turn off because been there, done that with the fomo. As far as brand or collaborator, I’m finicky about that too. I’ve actually been deterred from a few things because I didn’t care for the spokesperson or collaborator.

True excitement is initially incited by brands I know, trust, respect, and that have reasonable prices for their products. If it’s a new release of a product I use from UD, ABH, or KVD, I’ll be far more excited than I would over any release from brands like MAC, Dior, or Too Faced. However, my excitement will be short-lived if the colors and textures aren’t of interest to me.

I always look at the colours and finishes first to see if they would suit me or ones that I would wear. Next I read the reviews to see if they are worth the money…..

Colors and finishes only: I almost never transport my makeup and it sits in drawers when I’m not using it, so packaging doesn’t matter at all. I’m indifferent to brand, except to notice releases by the ones I’ve had some success with; but that doesn’t mean I’m more likely to buy something, just that I’m more likely to notice the release. The only collaborator I’ve ever really noticed is Bunny — the Swamp Queen — but I didn’t need her palette, so…

I am easily seduced by any of the above, with the possible exception of collaborator. Get more excited by brand, once I’m sucked into it, like MUFE A/S. If they release something without many dupes, I’d jump in a flash. Then, I wait for you to deter me. Otherwise, I’d be in a homeless shelter with a trailer outside for m/u. The packaging would never sway me, unless the quality were there. Gorgeous and tasteful is often prohibitively expensive, and much of it is bulky, overdone, difficult to store, or gaudy. The Hera holo compacts appeal so much more than Alice or UD BOS 4….one distinctive aspect, rather than a mish mash.

What gets me excited is the ad. If there’s something intriguing about the model’s makeup, I’ll probably try to figure out if there is a unique formula or color or texture or a combination of colors/textures that the company is selling.

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