Urban Decay Wende's Contraband Eyeshadow Palette for Fall 2015

Urban Decay Wende's Contraband Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Wende’s Contraband Eyeshadow Palette

Wende’s Contraband Eyeshadow Palette ($34.00) (Limited Edition) (Sephora Exclusive)

Urban Decay’s Chief Creative Officer and founding partner, Wende Zomnir, is always jet-setting around the globe. Inspired by her frequent trips, Urban Decay created this travel-friendly palette featuring all her favorite shades. Wende handpicked her top six go-to shades for a versatile selection that ranges from neutral to bright for maximum versatility—from Urban Decay’s iconic purple look to the classic smoky eye. There are even a few exclusive shades. As a bonus, the palette includes a travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero, Urban Decay’s bestselling black shade that complements every skintone and eye color.  6 x 0.03 oz.

  • Trick Light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle (Permanent)
  • Smog Deep coppery bronze shimmer (Permanent)
  • Reign Rich brown satin (Repromote)
  • Deep End Bright teal (Permanent)
  • Flash Bright iridescent purple (Permanent)
  • Tornado Vibrant deep purple shimmer (Repromote)
  • Zero (24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil) Zealous black (Permanent)

Availability: Early access available now for VIB Rouges at Sephora

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Urban Decay Wende's Contraband Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Wende’s Contraband Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Wende's Contraband Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Wende’s Contraband Eyeshadow Palette


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xamyx Avatar

Some of us actually get more use from the “useless mini brush” than an eyeliner pencil that simply doesn’t work for us. It may take some effort, but just about any brush can be made tonwork, but this liner formula simply doesn’t work for some of us. Most liners wear like iron on me, but I get less than an hour from these. Either way, the palette is still worth the price for the shadows.

Priscilla Avatar

It doesn’t work for me either, XAMYX. Less than an hour until it just looks horrible for me. I use my UD makeup brush almost daily though!

Nancy T Avatar

I’m with you Amy, as I have bad allergic reactions to their eye pencils where my eyes water nonstop and get pinkish! At least to Perversion. That completely turned me off to UD 24/7 eye liners.

Diane Tycangco Avatar

Hi there! Just wanted to tell you that your comment about you being allergic to Perversion solved my problem of teary eyes. I realized that I only got teary eyes and non-sticking eye pencil/eye shadows after using UD 24/7 Pencils in Ransom & Chaos! Thank you!

Hallie Avatar

I agree with the op…although it is possible to use the enclosed brush many of us are up to our ears in brushes and have favorites that we use daily. Also, if you own other palettes that have the brush, there is no need for duplicates.

Rachel R. Avatar

I prefer the liner, too, since I get along with the formula.

As someone with sensitive eyes, I have sympathy for those who don’t. Sometimes, we just have to give away the stuff that doesn’t work for us. For me, it’s usually mascaras.

xamyx Avatar

I’m not sensitive to many things (in fact, I’ve only ever had 2 eyeshadow formulas I had to return), but the UD liners just don’t work for me… I apply them, but my skin just seems to “absorb” them, LOL! Perversion is the only one that works reasonably well, though. I was sooo tempted by several of the sets, but fortunately always come to my senses.

Calli Avatar

I feel you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a UD fan since quite a bit before the original Naked palette came out and changed everything. I miss the old UD.

Lorrin M Avatar

This is really cute! Now I’ll finally have an excuse to get rid of my UD Fun palette. I love the colors but the old school packaging has been holding me back πŸ˜‰

Calli Avatar

You can always depot them! I’ve depotted all four of my Urban Decay Book of Shadows palettes, because 1. they’re huge and 2. I like being able to arrange the colors I use together in the same Z-palette.

Lisa Avatar

Really? A palette with all permanent or repromotes? OK then πŸ™‚ I’ll pass I guess since I have all of them I’m almost 100% sure. πŸ˜€

Tracie Avatar

packaging is nice but shadows look like same ole, same ole’. I wish they stop focusing so much on eyeshadow palettes. I would like them to focus on their lipsticks by putting out more variety of colors and choices. Get some ABH or Jeffree Star type colors. Maybe even a contour palette or new Bronzers . Urban decay to step up their game. What was once an interesting company has fallen flat and boring

Lacey Avatar

My pros: I could see myself using these colors for sure. I love using purple shadows and pops of teal. I love that packaging, too. It definitely has that oil-puddle rainbow swirl look.

My cons: If you’ve been a long-time collector, all of those permanent and re-promoted shades are probably a bust for you. Also, I’d need to take a Naked Basics along with this one (or at least a few matte/satin shades) to create a full look. And I need another Zero like I need another hole in my head. I’d rather have a brush or nothing at all and knock the price back a tad.

So…undecided, but maybe! Haha

Lotus Avatar

Wow! Another palette with the same usual suspects! I think I’m good with each of the colors & won’t be running out for a long time! On the other hand. For people just dipping their Toes into UD & haven’t tried any of the less neutral & more colorful selection.. This could be a great addition! Smog has always been a favorite of mine but I preferred its velvety humble beginnings & stockpiled before they changed formulas, and then it’s been in nearly palette since.. UD is more than welcome to do something different any day! Please, UD? Overall, I think if it performs well, it’s a good option. I also am unable to use their liners.. Color never comes out intense, not sure why… So the liner addition is a no for me. A black liner would be handy with the colors to enhance, smoke, line, many things.. Where is the brush? Just saying.. <3

xamyx Avatar

I have what many would consider a substantial stash of UD eyeshadows, but I skipped the OZ palettes, although I really wanted Tornado. $34 for that one, and even another Flash still makes it a prudent buy.

Lotus Avatar

I totally agree, Amy! πŸ™‚ I have too many of these colors, though, so it would be redundant for me! Tornado has been released a couple of times! Great color picks, though! I hope you love it!

Lotus Avatar

LOL!!! πŸ˜€ I’m pretty much going to assume that this can’t possibly give you that trouble! Save that for the Limited Vice LTD Version 2! Lol!

Michele Avatar

On the fence. I agree with the other comments – I don’t need another Zero liner – but I am a big fan of purple eyeshadows. Love the teal in this too. Like your other readers, I probably have some of these scattered in other palettes, but I’m thinking the size might be good as a grab and go. I probably won’t jump on the early Rouge access but instead will wait a bit and see what the other line Fall releases look like.

Jacee Avatar

For a “travel friendly” palette, it is lacking in versatility imo. Most people aren’t going to consider this many brights as staples. There’s also no highlight shade.

It’s nice to see something outside of the Naked line, though. Also, the packaging is gorgeous.

Aditi Avatar

Another UD release I’m going to pass on. I wasn’t interested in the Naked Smoky and I’m fairly sure I have all the shades in this palette already!

Also, why make a travel palette without a brush? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Tessa Avatar

Sooooooo mostly like the Fun palette but with no octopus? Meh.

Also, I will never as long as I live use up all the black eyeliners I get as samples, with palettes, etc. Who actually needs another black eyeliner? Dude.

Katherine T. Avatar

Skip for me. I already have Zero somewhere (it smudge on me), I have Smog, and I don’t like palettes where I can’t do a complete eye look

xamyx Avatar

I’m typically the same way, but I do get a ton of use from my Black Palette, especially as a “companion” to all my other UD palettes.

xamyx Avatar

I just wonder if an appropriate amount of product was produced, and if they’re going to play the same hame they did with Vice LTD… If this does become available, I will likely buy it, but I won’t be stalking any websites!

Bianca Avatar

Why always smog? I love that shade, but if you have many other UD products why would you buy this? I must have like 3-4 smogs within my other palettes.
Lately, I wonder if they realize some people buy most of their palettes and don’t want the same thing.
Also I got the Ammo palette and another small UD palette with at least 8 shades for this same price.

Carrie Avatar

I think it’d been nice to have *A* new color in here at least, and I wish they’d done the pacakging like the Naked pans so you could get a more compact form. And maybe ditch zero either for one of their newer liners or just drop the price point to $32 and not include any extras. The big question though is quality- will this live up to older palettes or the new more disappointing formula? Wait and see, I guess.

Joyce Avatar

What?! An Urban Decay palette with Smog? Quite the plot twist ;P

I would having the Alice in Wonderland or Rollergirl palettes brought back than this one, which I understand would make zero sense lol

However, I typically like Urban Decay’s 6 pan palettes better anyway!

Jaz Avatar

Im not gonna break my neck to get it, as I still haven’t really touched my vice palettes , but if this is still available during the VIB sale in November then I will consider it. Although, I think I would rather go to Inglot and create my own travel palette.

Stephanie Avatar

The eyeliners do not work for me either. I have oily lids and the ONLY thing that stays on and does not smear is the Tarte smolder eyes or the Mally shadow stick. I use both of these as eye liners instead of eye shadows. I do LOVE the Urban Decay eye shadows and these are really nice colors.

Nancy T Avatar

Heck yeah, I’m getting this puppy!!! It has Tornado and Trick, which I don’t have and will not be getting Naked 3, I already love and use like crazy Reign from Vice 3, always wanted Deep End and Flash. Must have as long as the formula is as great as the permanent ones!

Cory Avatar

I was thinking about the Fun palette when I saw this too. I used it twice & have been sitting on it ever since. I know Deep End, Fishnet, & Mowie Wowie are in it, but can’t remember the other three…
Trick is the rose-gold shimmer in Naked3.. Idk how, but I missed Flash, & it’s the one that I really like (other than Deep End)! Love dem purples & teals! …& peachy-corals… Forget it! I just love colors & shadows hard! πŸ˜‰

kitkatnef Avatar

Cute. But Mehh The only color that I did pick was TORNADO too! Loll Its funny I see reviewers saying the same thing! πŸ˜‰ Wish that was a Single?

Rachel R. Avatar

I know I have most of these shades already, but I wouldn’t mind having the one or two I don’t, plus a backup for Tornado, Flash and Deep End. It’d be nice to have all these shades in one palette. I love the packaging.

Still…it would have been nice to see one or two new shades. I don’t really need more smog. Something different and NEW would have been welcome.

xamyx Avatar

On the flip-side, though, if they were all repromotes/permanent shades with one new/LE shade, there would be another group irritated by that, LOL! I’ve passed on several of the NARS palettes for that reason; as much as I may *love* the LE shade, I can never seem to justify buying 4-5 I already have… Personally, I’ve wanted Tornado since it was in the Oz palette, and buying this & getting a backup of Flash-which I love-the price is still comparable to buying the 2 as singles.

Maggie Avatar

This is looks like a good travel eye palette–I already carry my preferred highlighters separately–so I like they didn’t stick in yet another beige-y color.

I THINK I don’t have 3 or 4 of these–which would make the price worth it–considering I really like the colors I think I don’t have. I know I have Smog and Tornado but really, it’s hard to have too much of either of those colors. This also makes a great gift–it looks very representative of UD–though I’m not much of a fan of the eyeliner.

Mariella Avatar

This sure doesn’t look like the “travel friendly palette” the blurb states…certainly not for me, as there’s no reasonable highlight shade, for starters. It’s a nice enough palette, especially for someone new-ish to UD but I already have 3 (possibly 4 or 5) of the shades.

Erin Avatar

I love the colors in this but most of them are re-runs for me. It bugs me a little that they’re pushing this as “travel friendly” but you’re missing good highlight and transition shades so you can’t create a full look with this palette and would need to bring a second one with you.

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