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Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette Swatches, Photos, Review (Part 1)

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

This post is going to look at six of the fifteen eyeshadows (and the second post will look at the other nine). With the server issues we have had today, it’s even more essential than normal that I split the photos (50!) over two posts to make things more manageable. The review (and rating), however, encompasses the entire palette.

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette ($55.00 for 15 x 0.05 oz.) includes fifteen brand new, never-before-seen shades in a limited edition palette. These shades are: Midnight Rodeo (brown pearl with silver), Tainted (pale matte purple with golden shimmer), Deeper (deep shimmery golden brown), Midnight 15 (oyster pearl with silver glitter), Junkshow (metallic bright pink with slight blue shift), MIA (dark velvet brown), Vanilla (creamy white gold), Omen (metallic bright purple with blue shift), Ace (dark gunmetal), Flow (soft peach shimmer), Evidence (deep metallic blue), Blackout (darkest, must saturated black), Chase (bright bronze), Deep End (bright teal), and Half Truth (deep greyish purple). It will be available on beginning July 12th, and it will make its way to other retailers like, Macy’s, Sephora, and Ulta in July/August. I do not have any specific dates for other retailers at this time.

  • Midnight Rodeo is a sparkly taupe brown. It does have glitter, but it’s subtle and doesn’t seem as large as Urban Decay’s other glitter-finished eyeshadows. I thought Toasted might be similar, but it’s not–much browner, less of a taupe. theBalm Insane Jane is grayer (more cool-toned), while Inglot #402 is nearly indistinguishable from Midnight Rodeo.
  • Tainted is a pinked lavender with a subtle golden sheen. I found this one a little powdery–almost too blendable (where it sheers out when you make any move to blend it)–and the sheen and lavender color don’t bind together entirely. It’s ridiculously more pigmented and leans more on the purple side compared to MAC Boy Crazy. Lancome Amethyst Glam palette has a shade that’s similar but purpler. MAC Lotusland is similar but seems a bit lighter.
  • Deeper is a chocolate bronze with a subtle golden sheen. It is a warmer, lighter version of Urban Decay Darkhorse, darker and less warm Urban Decay Smog–almost like the two had a baby.
  • Midnight 15 is a soft champagne with a hint of gray and frosted finish. There is a subtle amount of glitter which has a touch of fall out. Initially, I thought it might be similar to Urban Decay Virgin, but it’s grayer–looks taupe in comparison. It’s a little darker compared to the beige in Chanel Prelude and less yellow compared to Urban Decay Ruthless (this is the closest).
  • Junkshow is a brightened fuchsia-purple with a fuchsia sheen. It’s similar (but brighter) than MAC Double Feature 7, while Urban Decay Woodstock is pinker, less blue-based, and has no purple. It has a more vibrant and obvious pink base compared to Urban Decay Fishnet, however the iridescent sheen is less apparent in Junkshow.
  • MIA is a dark brown with a soft copper base and light sheen. It is lighter and doesn’t have the gold shimmer of Urban Decay Darkhorse.

Of the fifteen shades in the palette, Tainted and Midnight Rodeo were the ones I wasn’t sold on. Midnight Rodeo has subtle glitter, so there was just the tiniest amount of fall out (I tested all shades I thought might be problematic as soon as I finished swatching the palette!)–like two or three specks of sparkle, so nothing like the fall out from other glitter eyeshadows from Urban Decay. Tainted is easily sheered out; the matte lavender base doesn’t seem to bind with the golden sheen, and the result is that neither comes together to stand out. It is a shade that works better packed on and lightly blended around the edges. We are not talking about a terrible eyeshadow in either instance–those are just the two that I was like, “Hm, there’s room for improvement.”

The color payoff for nearly all of the shades was nice. Tainted sheers out easily but applies well initially, and Evidence (surprisingly!) felt a little stiff–it didn’t have the same buttery, dense texture that most Urban Decay eyeshadows have. Evidence works much better applied, and it still has decent color payoff when swatched, but the stiffer texture stood out immediately to me. The other thirteen shades were nicely pigmented and applied smoothly.

It’s possible to have too many similar shades to make the palette worth picking up, but overall, I think it’s an excellent palette that offers so much value. There are fifteen full-sized eyeshadows here, and Urban Decay’s full-sized eyeshadows retail for $17 each–that’s $255 worth of eyeshadow for $55. This is what I want to see when a brand puts out a value palette, set, kit, or what-have-you. It doesn’t feel like Urban Decay skimped on the quality, either, as some brands do when they put together a value palette. These eyeshadows feel just like singles and past palettes Urban Decay has put out.

The packaging is true-to-form for Urban Decay with the filigree edging and metallic finishes. Inside the cover of the palette is a full-sized mirror (spans the entire area of the lid), and the portion that holds the eyeshadows actually pops out to reveal a compartment below. You won’t be able to put much (maybe a few photos or something!) underneath, because it’s a rather narrow space with the insert on top. Urban Decay described it more as a way to make the entire box useful after you have used up all your eyeshadows, and once you recycle the eyeshadow insert portion, you’ll definitely have more room. It does hold fingerprints like crime scene, though!

Remember, you can compare all of these eyeshadows side-by-side in the Swatch Gallery!

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette Swatches, Photos, Review (Part 1)


Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Midnight Rodeo, Tianted, Deeper

Midnight 15, Junkshow, MIA

Urban Decay Midnight Rodeo Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Midnight Rodeo Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Tainted Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Tainted Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Deeper Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Deeper Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Midnight 15 Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Midnight 15 Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Junkshow Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Junkshow Eyeshadow

Urban Decay MIA Eyeshadow

Urban Decay MIA Eyeshadow

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette


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Laura Avatar

I live in Canada so doesn’t ship to us :'( They’re slowly approaching my name on the waiting list at my local Sephora for the Naked palette.. but I might need to save for this one instead.. or I’ll just have both haha. Thanks Christine for your hard work! Much appreciated =)

Tania Avatar

Where do you live? There’s some select Shopper’s Drug Marts that are carrying Urban Decay now and tend to have Naked Palettes in stock more often than sephora!

Laura Avatar

Nooooo way! I live in Kitchener, Ontario (if you know where that is lol). I didn’t know some Shoppers carried UD. I should call them to ask

Amanda Avatar

I live in Kitchener, Ontario too!! πŸ™‚ Would you mind letting me know which Shoppers carry’s UD so I can check it out? Thx πŸ™‚

Amanda Avatar

I live in Kitchener, Ontario too!! πŸ™‚ Would you mind letting me know which Shoppers carry’s UD so I can check it out? Thx πŸ™‚

Bonita Avatar

I asked about the UD @ shoppers and there’s only (currently) a handful of locations that have it. Two of them are downtown Toronto…I’m not sure where the rest of them are. it’s kind of a polite…i’m hoping they bring it to more locations.

Via Avatar

I’ll pass on this. I’ve been really underwhelmed with Urban Decay lately, plus the packaging is bland and the colors aren’t anything spectacular or colors that I don’t already own from another brand.

Kat Avatar

..I’ll deft will be purchasing this. thanks for all the input/review/swatches you give all of us christina (and others that work w you) ^.^

Carrie Ann Avatar

Tainted, M.I.A. and Deeper are especially gorgeous. Junkshow just reminds me of Woodstock. The whole palette looks great, though. I love that this one has a good amount of neutrals to pair with the brighter shades. Sometimes UD palettes have too many brights/dark shades that are difficult to wear together (at least in my opinion). I like a pretty pop of color, but I’m not one to wear more than one bright shade on my eyes.

stacey Avatar

What? No glitter in the shadow? That is the main reason I buy UD…otherwise, these colors could just be from another brand. Even the box is not spectacular. Cant carry this box with you when you travel like the Naked Palette….too cumbersome. The colors are like having YSL, Bobbie Brown and MAC all combined into one box. If you dont open the box, you think inside is a box of chocolates.

Laura Avatar

I know how you feel I’ve got BOS 1,2 and 3 and my husband just doesn’t understand. I skipped the Naked Palette but I have been eying for sometime but do I really need that many eyeshadows?!

Aysegul Avatar

I can’t believe you have these up already. You’re awesome. Hopefully if I get to the US in October, I may still be able to find one πŸ™‚

mabeline Avatar

I think I need this palette! πŸ™‚ It is 2:05 a.m. making it officially July 12th and no sign of this palette on the Urban Decay web site. I’m afraid to go to sleep because I know it will be sold out when I wake up later today. Such a dilemma!

Anitacska Avatar

Really really hope we are getting this in the UK! We never got the Rollergirl sets, so I had to buy one off eBay, which was fine, but I have a feeling that this will be another Naked/Alice in Wonderland craziness on eBay and I’m not prepared to pay loads to get it.

Sarah Avatar

Debenhams had the Rollergirl sets up online for about 3 days, if that. Never seen them at a counter though πŸ™ My local counter is pretty good at having at least one left by the time I get there πŸ˜›

Olivia Avatar

Aww I know I don’t need it, but I really really want it. At least I don’t have 5 of the shades already-I don’t even know how many smogs I own. Thanks for the review, Christine. πŸ™‚

Christy Avatar

gorgeous! As an avid UD fan, this is a must-have! I have so many palettes like BOS II, III, Feminine, etc. that it’s SO nice to have one with completely new shades (even if they are similar or dupable). I skipped on NAKED bc it seemed too warm for me. I’m NW20-25 to be more specific. Do you have any advice or ideas about how this will work for cool-toned gals like myself? Thanks for the great swatches!

bdsaintess Avatar

I know that I have too many UD Eyeshadows, and I’m still drooling over this since this post went live. I will ultimately purchase this, I just don’t know how long it will be that i hold out. I’m trying to convince myself that with Naked and Roller Girl, I have all the neutrals a girl could ever need, but then I see colors like Midnight 15, Vanilla, Deeper, MIA, Flow Chase, Deep End – and I can hardly contain myself. Plus, there is something that pulls at my very being when “limited edition” is mentioned. If I don’t do it now, I’ll never be able to! GAH! *shaking fists at UD marketing crew*

Cupcake888 Avatar

“almost like the two had a baby” LOL

Yes I’m sure the palette is not that unique, but it’s limited edition and I’m a sucker for LE!

Sara Avatar

Holy shit it’s fucking gorgeous! I dunno how you feel about use commenting with such colorful language – but surely it’s ok this time. πŸ™‚ It’s seriously the prettiest palette I’ve ever seen. And all the shadows look good too! I’m definitely going to get this one. I love that they have new shades for it (since I’ve got a few others I tend to get repeats like MC, MCRA, etc…)….Holy crap I need it. Thank you so much for swatching it and all the additional photos to show it off!

Becca Avatar

oh damn I really want this!! the colours are so pretty- but I’m so broke right now and I wanted to get canyon sunset from laura mercier plus the new mac collections out…. oh God…

nitnot Avatar

Each eyeshadow is full sized? Holy shadows fairies, dude.

I *love* UD, but one thing about their palettes is that they barely ever put matte shadows in and if I use all shimmer on my eyes it just looks like a hot wet eyelid mess. I guess it’s preference rather than unbiased review though.

Christine Avatar

Totally – and depends on your use, too. Like many of us have plenty of other eyeshadows and products, so using the palette and only the shades in it may not be necessary – but those who don’t own many or want to travel with it may find the lack of mattes more troubling.

meme Avatar

I am lemming this palette big time. I got my release notice of it in my UD email this AM. For me, it’s really a good mix of shades. But UD is one of my fav shadows so I have a bias I guess. I had a hot pink years ago from Lacome when they had a super event, rented empty space in a mall and had about 25 stalls going at one time. I let the makeup artist have her say – did not give her any directions as I knew she would be thrilled. I came home with a hot pink shadow – used it a little and then donated it about 2 yrs later. So that’s the only one in this palette that will get slow if any use from me.

Jazz Avatar

I want. It looks like it would be good for travel b/c you could do “neutral” looks or more bold, fun looks from the same palette.

Nikki M Avatar

First, thanks for the heads up when this was going in sale. I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get one before UD sold out. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without you keeping all of us informed. And thanks for the swatches and the review, especially the comparisons with other UD colors. I know I’ve made a good decision to purchase this palette.

Tasha Avatar

Yes I totally agree with that, thank you for your review since I also snagged up one of these deliciously tempting palettes in the nick of time before it sold out….just got my shipping confo on it today! Thanks again!

Tree Avatar

Hi Christine,

I haven’t picked up UD’s Naked Palette yet, and was wondering which one is better? I mean I know they’re different, but if you were to recommend getting only one, which would you prefer?

Laura Avatar

Hi Christine! Thank you for all the work that you do. I don’t know if this has been asked already and if it has I apologize but how easily depotable do you think this palette is? I have depoted all my other UD palettes and would like to do this one but am unsure of the packaging. What do you think?

Rebecca Avatar

OMFG, the swatches are even more gorge than I expected. I knew I wanted this thing b/c I usually buy the biggie UD palettes and love them all to pieces, but I pass if I have most of the colors (aka “reruns”). I wonder if this will be released *instead* of a BoS4? I do fear how hard this will be to get though….it was sold out on the UD website on the 1st day. I absolutely cannot pass up 15 FULL-SIZED SHADOWS WITH NO RERUNS!!! I. Need. This. Period.

Samantha Lawrence Avatar

Hey πŸ™‚

Was just wondering if you knew when this paleete will be released in the UK? I haven’t been able to find anything online, but it was like that with the 15th Anniversary Eyeliner set too, Urban Decay in the UK are sneaky xD

Stacy Avatar

I work at the Sephora inside JCPenney and we got ours yesterday and I bought it today, It sometimes pays to be the operations girl, anyway we have them but they are not sending very many at a time we only got 6

Anita Avatar

Beautiful colors! I love the mia, ace, omen, evidence, deep end, vanilla, midnight rodeo, half truth, junkshow, chase, flow, tainted aaaaand midnight 15. :))))))

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