This is just a quick tutorial regarding what tools I use and what I use them for.

Left to right: Philosophy Blending brush, MAC 219, MAC 252, and MAC 187

Left to right: Sephora small, stiff, flat brush, paintbrush from craft store, Philosophy Blush brush

Left to right: MAC 187, MAC 252, MAC 219, Philosophy Blending brush

Left to right: Philosophy Blush brush, paintbrush from craft store, Sephora small, stiff, flat brush

These are the two brushes I use in nearly every single eyeshadow application I do. The one on the left is Philosophy’s Blending brush, and I use this for all work other than applying anything wet (paints, pigments, etc.). I use it to apply lid color, do crease work, line my lower lash line, etc. The one on the right is a paintbrush from a craft store, and I always use it when applying my pigments using MAC’s water-based mixing medium.

What was the point of the brush pictures? Those are the tools I use regularly, and since I don’t just use MAC brushes, the pictures might help people understand what brushes I use, in terms of size, thickness, etc. so they can substitute with whatever appropriate ones they own themselves.

I use the 187 brush to apply Studio Fix Fluid, that’s it.

I use the 252 when I feel like giving it a chance, or when I’m using black, since I hate it so much (black sticks to brushes, so I can do black and not worry about having to wash it immediately).

I use the 219 as often as I use the 252, whenever I think it might actually work for me. I hate this brush more than anything.

I use Philosophy’s Blush brush for what else – blush.

Do I like MAC brushes? Right now, it doesn’t seem like it, LOL. I’ve also had the 222, 224, 242 – I returned all three of them because they did nothing for me.

My favorite brush used to be a shadow brush that Benefit made, but it’s since been discontinued – the Philosophy brush is much more versatile, so I love that more. It’s a short brush, too, so it gives you more control and precision.