Zoya Fleck Effects

Zoya Fleck Effects
Zoya Fleck Effects in Maisie, Opal, and Chloe

Zoya Spring 2012: Fleck Effect

Zoya Fleck Effects include three shades that feature mylar flecks, which can be worn alone or layered over another polish: Maisie (blue tint with mylar green fleck effect), Opal (green tint with mylar green fleck effect), and Chloe (pink tint with mylar green and gold fleck effect).  Each shade retails for $8.00 and will be available online on January 13th.

I swatched all three shades alone (two coats each) and then each shade over a darker base color for layering. The formula on these is thicker, more jelly-like, similar to many glitter polishes on the market. It distributes the flecks evenly for the most part, and you won’t find yourself doing really wacky things with the brush, like dabbing and laying it flat across the entire nail and swirling it.

  • Maisie consists of green mylar flecks suspended in a blue-tinted clear base. The flakes shift from iridescent green-blue to green to purple, depending on the angle, and then at more of a head-on look, some of the flecks look pink-ish (and under flash, you’ll see what I mean). Layered, it’s a deeper green and shifts to blue around the edges.
  • Opal consists of green mylar flecks suspended in a green-tinted clear base. The flakes in this are just like Maisie. When worn alone, you can see the difference between the two, as this tints the nail bed green, but the color and shift of the flecks are the same. Layered, it’s the same story as Maisie as well, but it’s even harder to detect a difference.
  • Chloe consists of mostly coppery-gold mylar flecks with the occasional green fleck (which I didn’t notice in natural light when worn alone, but layered, I saw a few) suspended in a pink-coral-tinted clear base. This one was the most wearable alone, because it gives the nail a healthy tint, whereas the blue and green look unnatural with such a soft tint (but nothing is to say you can’t wear either of those alone!). Layered, it looks almost orange, rather than gold, and you can see the green flecks show up. This seems softer compared to popular layering shades like Essie Shine of the Times, but I haven’t swatched that myself yet so I can’t say for sure.

Alone, Maisie and Opal look different, but when they’re layered over another polish, I couldn’t tell the difference. I suspect over a really, really light base color, you might see the blue vs. green tint come into play, but if you anticipate layering over mostly darker bases, having both is superfluous.  Because of the thicker, jelly-ish consistency, I felt like these took longer to dry down.  I tested the wear of Chloe layered over Zoya’s Tru, and I had minimal tip wear after a week with no chips.

Zoya Fleck Effects