Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning Eyeshadow Palette

Wet 'n' Wild Sparkle 'Til Morning Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning Eyeshadow Palette

Sparkle ‘Til Morning with Wet ‘n’ Wild

Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning Eyeshadow Palette ($4.99 for 0.30 oz.) contains eight eyeshadows, and it’s a limited edition holiday palette. I found mine at CVS about two weeks ago, and there were only two in the display–both had one eyeshadow broken. I did my best to clean it up and re-press the broken eyeshadow, but you can definitely see that about half was not salvageable.

The first shade is a pale yellowed gold with a frosted sheen. It had good color payoff, and it was soft, smooth, and not powdery when used. Guerlain Calligraphy is similar. Cinderella Charming is more frosted but close in color. Buxom Poodle is close–more metallic. Giorgio Armani #18 is yellower. Tarina Tarantino Wonderful is yellower, less shimmer. MAC Femme-Fi is lighter.

The second shade is a soft copper with a subtle frost finish. It had solid pigmentation and applied very smoothly. Le Metier de Beaute Goldstone is brighter, more golden. Bare Minerals Golden Iris is less orange.

The third shade is a medium-dark copper with a frosted finish. The color payoff was excellent, and it was a dream to work with; very soft, smooth, and buttery. Tarina Tarantino Dreamy is very comparable–a hair darker. MAC Brash has a stronger red undertone. MAC Double Feature 8M is similar.

The fourth shade is a blue-teal with a subtle golden shimmer-sheen. The pigmentation was decent to good, but this shade was a little powdery. I felt like I needed to layer in order to maintain the color intensity on the lid as seen in the pan. MAC Fashion Circuit is darker. Maybelline Edgy Emerald is similar, a touch greener. NYX Seafoam Green is greener. MAC Shimmermoss is a smidgen darker.

The fifth shade is a warm champagne-shimmered beige with a frosted, metallic finish. It had lovely color payoff and applied smoothly and evenly. Dior Fairy Golds is pinker. Giorgio Armani #1 Madreperla is lighter. NARS Delphes is comparable.

The sixth shade is an orange-copper with a sparkly, frosted finish. This one did have some powderiness/looseness such that it didn’t bind together completely. It’s a mix of the second and third shades within this palette, in case it seemed familiar! Urban Decay Penny Lane is a little softer. Guerlain Calligraphy is more orange. Tarina Tarantino Amber is comparable. Tarina Tarantino Wonderful is very similar. NARS Isolde is darker, more orange. theBalm Manic Maribel is rather close. I think you get the picture–there are a ton of shades that are comparable to this one! (Nearly every brand seems to have its version, which isn’t a bad thing, but you might have something like it already!)

The seventh shade is a soft, golden medium brown with a satiny sheen. It was a touch powdery, but it had good color payoff. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone had a shade that seemed similar, but it’s darker and browner–less orange tones. Cinderella Drizella is more shimmery. Dior Golden Savannah is darker.

The eighth shade is a deep, dark brown with warm red undertones and a sparkling of burgundy shimmer over a pearly finish. It had excellent color payoff, and it was easy to use on the eye. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone, again, had something similar but not quite–it’s cooler-toned, more of a black-burgundy. MAC Carbonized is more frosted. Urban Decay Busted is more burgundy.

Overall, Sparkle ‘Til Morning is a lovely palette, and at the price point, easily forgiven for being a little powdery in places.  All in all, the pigmentation was true-to-pan across the board, and all of the shades were soft and easily blended during application.  When I wore the palette to test the wear, they lasted for eight hours without fading or creasing over a primer, and then seven hours without creasing but noticeable fading without a primer.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning Eyeshadow Palette