Wet ‘n’ Wild Shimmer the Night Away Eyeshadow Palette

Wet 'n' Wild Shimmer the Night Away Eyeshadow Palette
Wet ‘n’ Wild Shimmer the Night Away Eyeshadow Palette

A Cool-Toned Holiday Palette

Wet ‘n’ Wild Shimmer the Night Away Eyeshadow Palette ($4.99 for 0.30 oz.) contains eight eyeshadows; one column is a gradient of white to black, while the second column features cool-toned colors in pink, purple, and blue. I bought mine from my local CVS, which only had two of the palette in stock, and it is limited edition.

The white shade is a pale, icy white with a soft frosted finish. It had good color payoff, and it had a soft, blendable texture. MAC Crystal Avalanche has more frost in its finish. theBalm Sassy has more frost and is less icy. Bare Escentuals Cheers is similar but whiter–starker in a way.

The gray shade is a light-medium gray with a soft, metallic finish with a touch of silver sheen. It had so-so color payoff, but the texture was soft and finely-milled. MAC Evening Grey is darker. Guerlain Les Gris has a shade that is barely darker. Giorgio Armani #22 is more metallic. MAC Electra has a smoother finish–more of a sheen.

The dark gray shade is a soft, dark black with subtle brow undertones and a matte finish. It had decent color payoff when swatched, but it performed better on the eye. It is comparable in color to black eyeshadows such as MAC Carbon, NARS Self Portrait 1, and Illamasqua Obsidian.

The black shade is a deep, dark black with a sprinkle of teal micro-shimmer–you don’t really see the shimmer show up on the eye, so it ends up looking mostly matte. It had good pigmentation and was very blendable, which is exactly what you need when you work with such a dark black. Giorgio Armani #1 is more matte, slightly warmer. Le Metier de Beaute is darker, warmer. Milani Pitch Black is very comparable, as is MAC Dark Dare.

The lilac shade is a soft, pink-lilac with a golden shimmer-sheen. This was the “warmest” shade out of the eight. The base color is cool-toned, but the golden sheen brings in some warmth. It was true-to-pan in color, though it is a lighter shade. The texture was very soft but a smidgen powdery. MAC Creative Whim is more purple. Dolce & Gabbana Jewels is similar but doesn’t have any golden shimmer.

The fuchsia shade is a fuchsia-magenta with an iridescent purple shimmer-sheen. It had decent color payoff, but it was the least pigmented in the palette–the texture was kind of crumbly, where the powder just didn’t bind together well. MAC Stylishly Merry is darker. Urban Decay Fishnet is very close in color. MAC Stars ‘n’ Rockets is also similar.

The purple shade is a medium, cool-toned purple with a soft frosted finish. It had decent to good pigmentation, and it performed a bit better on the eye. Wet ‘n’ Wild Dancing in the Clouds has a similar shade that’s a bit cooler-toned. MAC Violet is darker, richer in color–less subdued. MAC Beautiful Iris is similar, a little more blue-based.

The blue shade is a medium-dark blue with a satiny sheen. There is a very subtle violet edge to this that keeps it from being true blue. It had good color payoff, and the texture was soft and smooth without being powdery. MAC Switch to Blue is bluer. Sugarpill Velocity is brighter. Tarina Tarantino Violet Storm is similar but brighter, more shimmery. MAC Atlantic Blue is darker, more vibrant, and matte.

When I was testing this palette, the only shade I had real trouble with was the fuchsia shade, because it didn’t bind together well, so there was a lot of fall out to clean-up during application, and I really had to pack it on. It was the kind of shade that you’d apply, move on, and then it would look faded before you finished the rest of your look! Wet ‘n’ Wild’s eyeshadows in this palette have a soft, dense texture that can be a smidgen powdery for the more matte-finished shades. The pigmentation was good overall, with some shades coming in just under, and a couple going above. I noticed slight fading after wearing this palette for eight hours with a base; the slight fading was apparent after seven hours when worn without a base.

P.S. — I’d love to see the palettes have names for each eyeshadow! I thought it’d be fun to try and name them, so here are mine (I’d LOVE to hear yours!): Snow Fairy, Winter’s Edge, Stormy Wind, Knight of the Vale / Morning Glory, Treasured, Icy Delights, Skyline.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Shimmer the Night Away Eyeshadow Palette