Wet ‘n’ Wild Dutchess Fergie Nail Lacquer

Wet 'n' Wild Dutchess Fergie Nail Lacquer
Wet ‘n’ Wild Dutchess Fergie Nail Lacquer

Whoa! Ease Up on the Brush!

Wet ‘n’ Wild Dutchess Fergie Nail Lacquer ($3.49 for 0.42 fl. oz.) consists of small, medium blue glitter and larger, circular violet purple glitter suspended in a clear base. Nails Inc. Connaught Square is extremely similar, just denser. Zoya Twila has some similarity in how textured it looks on, but it has horizontal bar glitter and is all blue.

It’s semi-opaque after two coats; you can see the underlying nail, but it’s not just a sheer coat of glitter.  This polish was extremely thick–almost goopy–that I don’t think three or coats would be do-able.  It took a long time just for two coats to dry.  If left without a top coat, it dries to a slightly flat finish.  The brush is huge; it’s wider and longer than Dior’s, which is fairly wide from my experience across polish brushes.  It was larger than the width of my pinky nail!  The thicker consistency, paired with the large brush, made it extremely easy to get a big glob of polish on the nail.

You know how I’ve mentioned that very few polishes chip on me (and I can’t really recollect anything in particular)?  This one started to peel on me on the fourth day, almost half of the polish on one nail lifted off.  By the seventh day, there was peeling/lifted color on all four other nails.  It happened on two nails that I did not use a base/top coat on, and on three nails that I had a base/top coat on.

P.S. — It is, in fact, spelled Dutchess; that was not a mistake on my part, as it ties to Fergie’s The Dutchess album.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Dutchess Fergie Nail Lacquer