Urban Decay Smoked Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay Smoked Eyeliner Set
Urban Decay Smoked Eyeliner Set

Make Smoky Eyes Pop with Colored Eyeliner

Urban Decay Smoked Eyeliner Set ($38.00 for 6 x 0.03 oz.) contains six travel-sized pencil eyeliners, including two set-exclusive shades: Uzi (gunmetal taupe with silver micro-glitter), Zero (zealous black), Demolition (deep brown matte), Smog (copper), Empire (dark eggplant satin), and Mainline (dark green/blue matte).

  • Uzi is a brown-tinged gray with a silver sparkle. It looks more silver-like when applied, but the sheerer or more smudged it is, the browner it looks. It has so-so color payoff in a single pass.
  • Zero is a medium-dark black with a mostly matte finish. It had good pigmentation in a single stroke, and it’s a good basic black.
  • Demolition is a medium-dark brown with subtle warm undertones and a matte finish. Like Zero, it’s a good basic shade of brown. The color payoff is decent in a single pass, but it layers well. MAC Brownborder is warmer, redder-toned. Milani Brown is similar; a touch cooler-toned.
  • Smog is a coppered-bronze with a pearly sheen. It had decent to good payoff in one go.
  • Empire is a violet purple with very, very fine blue micro-shimmer–the shimmer isn’t noticeable on, and it looks mostly matte when applied. It didn’t have great color payoff in a single pass, but it was buildable. MAC Permaplum is similar but more shimmery.
  • Mainline is a blue-teal with a matte finish. It had decent pigmentation in a single go, and it layered fairly well. Estee Lauder Electric Teal is more turquoise and lighter.

For many years, Urban Decay’s 24/7 Eye Pencils were my favorite eyeliners, and while they’re not my absolute favorites, I still love them and use them regularly.  They wear eight hours on me without migrating or disappearing, and they come in a variety of colors, making the range versatile and easy to go to.  Urban Decay’s eyeliner sets are an excellent way to get multiple colors for a fraction of the price of them full-sized.  Keep in mind, full-size is 0.04 oz., and these are 0.03 oz. a pop–25% less but each liner costs $6.33 (compared to $19.00).  This set contains $85.50 worth of eyeliner, so it’s a great deal.  Urban Decay eyeliners are buildable, and they’ll look opaque when layered (go back-and-forth once or twice).

Urban Decay Smoked Eyeliner Set