Urban Decay Holiday 2011 Nail Kit

Urban Decay Holiday 2011 Nail Kit: Mars, Gunmetal, Hot Mess, Ziggy, Wrecked, Barlust

Urban Decay Holiday 2011 Nail Kit

Urban Decay Holiday 2011 Nail Kit ($28.00 for 6 x 0.17 fl oz.) is a set that features six miniature-sized bottles of polish with colors designed with the season in mind. Urban Decay’s formula is free from toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP. The applicator brush is still full-sized, even if the rest of the packaging is not. The six shades included are: Mars (emerald green with green and silver micro-glitter), Gunmetal (shimmery dark grey), Hot Mess (bright fuchsia with fuchsia micro-glitter), Ziggy (gold and multi-colored glitter), Wrecked (deep red wine), and Barlust (whiskey brown with brown shimmer).  It is a limited edition set that will only be available at select Macy’s in-store and online at urbandecay.com around October.

  • Mars is a greenish teal with teal shimmer and silver micro-glitter. It was opaque in two coats. It reminded me of Illamasqua Viridian, which has a blacker base and no chunky shimmer. Other shades I considered ended up looking too green in comparison (like MAC Jade Dragon, Duri Paparazzi).
  • Gunmetal is taupe brown with silvery micro-shimmer strewn through the creamier base color. I used two coats for opaque color. I have no idea why this is described as a dark gray, because it’s barely gray on me at all. It does not resemble the Gunmetal eyeshadow shade at all (which is a dark gray with silver shimmer). I couldn’t think of a good dupe, though – I thought maybe China Glaze Ingrid, but it’s lighter and browner.
  • Hot Mess is a fuchsia-red with fuchsia micro-glitter. The formula on this was really nice and very pigmented. It looks like there is gold shimmer in the bottle, and there seems to be the tiniest reflectio of it if you angle your nails just right. I used two coats for opaque coverage. It’s pinker compared to China Glaze Ahoy! and Nubar Prize. Zoya Gilda is pinker with less red.
  • Ziggy is multi-colored glitter suspended in a clear base–it’s dominated by gold, blue, and pink. It’s actually rather opaque; I did swatches with just two coats, and it was nearly opaque. I blanked when trying to think of a dupe; I was reminded of Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday, but they’re nothing alike.
  • Wrecked is a deep, dark brown-red with cream finish. It’s nearly opaque in two coats, but the formula was a touch on the thin side. This is the most dupeable shade of the six to me, as all of these shades are similar: Zoya Anja, MAC Purple Majesty, Rescue Beauty Lounge Drifter, and MAC Vintage Vamp.
  • Barlust is a dark brown with bronze and green-teal shimmer threaded through the shade. I used two coats for opaque color coverage. China Glaze Goin’ My Way was the closest I could think of, but it’s a warmer brown–more bronze in it.

The kit contains the equivalent of two full-sized polishes (the average polish is about 0.50 fl. oz.), and if Urban Decay sold individual, full-sized polishes (they don’t!), it probably breaks even or you come out a couple bucks ahead. Personally, I love mini nail kits; it’s rare that I fall so head-over-heels for a color that I’ll wear it for months on end, so more bottles for less money total works out for me. It is, though, a bummer if you do fall in love and aren’t able to buy a full-size of it.  Urban Decay actually mentions breaking up the set and giving out individual polishes to friends/family as stocking stuffers, and I actually love that idea.  How cute is it to receive a baby bottle of polish?

I have long fingers (must be from all that piano playing as a kid), so I’m often clumsy with really small bottles, but it’s not too awkward to hold and polish nails. The brush worked fine and did its job without murmur. In reality, a lot of higher end polishes have removable caps such that you’re actually polishing with something about the size of the full cap on this polish (think Chanel, Dior, etc. where the outer cap is large, but the one attached to the brush itself is significantly smaller).

As these just arrived in yesterday’s mail, obviously I can’t report on the wear of these specific shades. I have, however, tried various Urban Decay polishes since they started putting out the kits, and I have no issues with wear. I get around a week of wear with the expected tip wear (hey, I type all day and really have no regard for maintaining a chip-free manicure; I will totally pry something open with my nails) but no chipping.

Urban Decay Holiday 2011 Nail Kit