Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners: Smoke, Empire, Delinquent, Vice, Psychedelic Sister, Ether, Asphyxia

Urban Decay Smoke 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
Urban Decay Smoke 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils ($19.00 for 0.04 oz.) now include these four shades in the permanent range: Smoke (deepest grey matte), Empire (dark eggplant matte), Delinquent (dark purple shimmer with light purple micro-sparkle), Vice (pearly red eggplant shimmer), Psychedelic Sister (bright purple cream), Ether (pale smoky gray shimmer with violet and fuchsia micro-sparkle) and Asphyxia (vibrant pink/purple duotone with tonal and blue micro-sparkle). Out of these seven, Smoke, Vice, and Ether are entirely new, while the other shades have been released in exclusive sets/kits.

Smoke is a brown-based, dark gray with a mostly matte finish. This one looked very faded and more brown than gray when applied in one stroke. I had some trouble building up the color, though–it didn’t want to apply evenly.

Empire is a red-toned violet purple with a pearly sheen. When applied in one pass, it looks more eggplant-y with stronger red tones, but when layered, it builds up and looks like a violet purple. It could be slightly creamier. MAC Rich Purple is more matte, less red-toned. MAC Permaplum is darker, less violet.

Delinquent has a blackened brown base with light and dark purple sparkle that shimmers on top. It does best when layered, as in a single stroke, it looks a bit patchy. MAC Designer Purple is much brighter and lighter. I thought there was another purple Pearlglide, but I could not recall it.

Vice is a medium-dark plummy purple with multi-colored sparkle/shimmer. It had so-so color in a single stroke, and it was buildable to about semi-opaque color coverage. MAC Designer Purple is less red-toned.

Psychedelic Sister is a lightly red-toned violet purple with a pearly sheen. It didn’t have good payoff in one pass, but it was more buildable. Urban Decay Ransom is bluer-based.

Ether has a gray-ish brown base with an assortment of shimmer and micro-glitter–it’s a cool-toned purple and coppery gold that seems to dominate. It was a very interesting and complex shade but had incredibly weak pigmentation, even when I attempted to layer it. I could not think of a dupe for it in pencil form, but Stila Starry was somewhat similar (liquid).

Asphyxia is a fuchsia pink with iridescent violet and fuchsia shimmer. It has sheerer color payoff, and it’s not a very buildable shade. I find it too waxy so while it doesn’t pull or tug, it is hard to itensify the color. I don’t think I have anything that is comparable to this in eyeliner form (but there are several eyeshadows that are similar).

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I was, sadly, disappointed by a few shades featured here.  Smoke was rather faded in appearance and wasn’t buildable, while Ether and Asphyxia were particularly weak in color payoff.  The other four shades (Empire, Delinquent, Vice, and Psychedelic Sister) didn’t have rich payoff in one stroke–so-so and slightly better but not great.  Psychedelic Sister was the best out of the seven, as it had decent pigmentation in a single pass and was buildable.  I usually get between eight and ten hours of wear with Urban Decay’s formula with no migration or smudging and little to no fading.  I will be testing the newer shades over the next few weeks and will amend this review if any of them wear differently.

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners: Smoke, Empire, Delinquent, Vice, Psychedelic Sister, Ether, Asphyxia