Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette (Part 2)

Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette

Variety is the Spice of Vice

This post takes a look at the second half of Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00 for 0.60 oz.), which includes: Provocateur (light metallic mauve with multi-dimensional sparkle and shimmer finish), Rapture (dark greyish purple with multi-dimensional shimmer finish), Vice (deep eggplant purple with shimmer finish), Noise (electric punch pink with gold sparkle and shimmer finish), Armor (metallic dove grey with silver micro-glitter shimmer finish), Nevermind (metallic cork with shimmer finish), Echo Beach (pale wheat with shimmer finish), Anonymous (opaque almond with matte finish), Freebird (pink champagne with silver micro-sparkle shimmer finish), and Laced (opaque pinky taupe with matte finish).

Provocateur is a pale pink with a hint of mauve–and super chunky pink and white sparkle. The color payoff is so-so, because it’s very loose; it just kind of falls apart when you apply it, as a result of all the glitter. This one had a lot of fall out both during and after application. Urban Decay Bordello is a bit darker and doesn’t have the sparkle. Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy is a little pinker and lighter. Inglot #399 is slightly darker and pinker. Giorgio Armani #7 is more metallic, no sparkle.

Rapture is a subdued medium-dark purple with subtle burgundy undertones and a frosted finish with slight sparkle. It had decent to good pigmentation, though it had a slightly dry texture. Urban Decay AC?DC is less subdued, more violet. Urban Decay Gravity ism ore purple. Urban Decay Rockstar is a little darker. Bare Escentuals Romp is less purple.

Vice is a medium violet purple with subtle red undertones and soft, frosted finish. It had decent to good pigmentation and applied smoothly. urban Decay Freakshow is just slightly darker. Urban Decay Gravity is more subdued. Urban Decay Delinquent is similar. L’Oreal Perpetual Purple is darker and less red-toned.

Noise is a bright pop of medium pink with subtle blue undertones and a satiny finish. There is faint sparkle, but the sparkle doesn’t seem to translate. It had good color payoff, but it did look brighter in the pan than applied. Milani Shocking Pink is brighter and more blue-based. MAC Tease with Ease is darker. Urban Decay Junkshow is purpler. Urban Decay Woodstock is darker.

Armor is a grayish-brown–taupe–with a soft, frosted finish. It had excellent pigmentation and was fairly smooth. Urban Decay Mushroom is fairly similar, perhaps a touch browner. Make Up For Ever #2 is similar. MAC Keep Your Cool is close but appears darker, as it has a more matte finish.

Nevermind is a light-medium bronzy brown with a frosted, metallic finish. It had nice color payoff and a very soft, smooth texture. Urban Decay Chase is warmer, more golden. Buxom Mutt is less golden. MAC Aloha is more red-toned. Urban Decay Suspect is lighter.

Echo Beach is a pale, muted gold with subtle warm undertones and a frosted finish. It had good color payoff and applied evenly. Urban Decay Maui Wowie is a smidgen darker and has sparkle. Giorgio Armani #1 Madreperla is very similar in color. MAC Retrospeck is similar, perhaps less warm. Urban Decay Blunt is yellower.

Anonymous is a pale ivory with a subtle warmth and a matte finish. It had good pigmentation, and it was soft but not powdery. MAC Brule is a bit more beige. Urban Decay Kinky is less warm. theBalm Adagio is a bit darker. Urban Decay Walk of Shame is pinker. theBalm Matt Smith is a hair darker. Urban Decay Booty Call is a touch more peach-toned and has a soft sheen. MAC Vanilla is similar.

Freebird is a pale pink with yellow undertones and pale gold sparkle along with a metallic finish. This shade was on the sheer side and had some fall out. Bare Escentuals Page Six is slightly darker. Lancom Kitten Heel has a stronger golden sheen. MAC Pink Frontier is less metallic. Urban Decay Scratch is similar.

Laced is a pink-tinged beige with a hint of gray and has a matte finish. It had good color payoff and was soft without being powdery. Inglot #344 is a few shades darker. MAC Bloom On is similar but inferior in payoff.

Out of these shades, the most unique was Laced.  The other nine were actually, more or less, common enough that they didn’t feel hard to duplicate.  Provocateur, Rapture, Vice, Noise, Armor, Anonymous, and Freebird all had very comparable dupes. It doesn’t take away from the quality or rating of the palette at all, but it’s something to take into consideration if you already own a few of Urban Decay’s past palettes.

I didn’t like Provocateur or Freebird, as they were both very sparkly and sheer. It was hard to build up the color, and there was a lot of fall out during and after application, which made both shades frustrating to wear.  Armor, Nevermind, and Echo Beach were the best performers out of the ten, as they were rich in pigmentation and smooth and even to work with.

I’m still working through the shades for wear, so this most might be updated later this afternoon if I find the wear deviates from my past experience with the new Urban Decay formula.  So far, I have only fully tested Echo Beach, Nevermind, Jagged, and Anonymous, which wore for eight hours without fading or creasing (tested over primer and over bare lids with the same results).

Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow Palette (Part 2)