Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette

Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette
Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette

Bon Bons That Won’t Go to Your Hips

Too Faced Shadow Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette ($42.00) includes Shadow Insurance Candlelight Eyeshadow Primer (0.17 oz.), full-sized Lashgasm Mascara (0.40 oz.), and twelve eyeshadows: Vanilla (matte bone), Cut the Cake (heathered mist), Framboise (no description), Coffee Bean (matte coffee), Peach Fuzz (peachy gold), Hot Cocoa (chocolate), Candy Rose (pink sparkle), Lovey Dovey (sable brown), Nude Beach (nude peach), Cinnamon Sugar (no description), Marzipan (no description), and Licorice Latte (black with bronze sparkle). Each eyeshadow is 0.03 oz. for a total of 0.36 oz. of eyeshadow.

Vanilla is a pale ivory with a matte finish. It had good color payoff with a soft, finely-milled texture that wasn’t powdery. MAC Laundry Daze has more shimmer. Bobbi Brown Ivory is similar. Inglot #351 is a bit cooler-toned.

Cut the Cake is a soft lavender with a hint of cool undertones. The pigmentation was nice, and the texture was smooth and blendable. MAC Creative Whim is pinker and darker. OCC Datura is more iridescent. MAC Dynamic Duo 2 is similar. theBalm Curtain Call is pinker.

Framboise is a dark, smoky plum with a shimmery sheen and finish. It had so-so color payoff–it could have used more pigment. Urban Decay Rapture has more red in it. Urban Decay Rockstar is darker, mroe intense. MAC Joy & Laughter is more subdued. MAC Hypnotizing is lighter. MAC Winterized is close but less sparkly.

Coffee Bean is a cool-toned gray-brown (but I wouldn’t call it taupe). The more you blend it, the browner it becomes. It had good color payoff, though it was a bit stiff in texture. MAC Bad Lieutenant is similar in color. Urban Decay Back Door is very similar. MAC Dance in the Dark is a little more red-brown.

Peach Fuzz is a pink-tinged peach with golden sparkle. The golden sparkle doesn’t bind well with the pink base color, so it tends to blend away as fall out on the eye. It had good pigmentation but was slightly powdery. Urban Decay Walk of Shame is more beige and has no sparkle. Buxom Cocker Spaniel is lighter.

Hot Cocoa is a medium brown with a champagne sheen and golden orange tones. The pigmentation was nice, and the texture was easy to work with. MAC Magical Mist is a bit less red-toned. NARS Flowers 3 is warmer and has less of a sheen. Urban Decay YDK is richer.

Candy Rose is a light-medium pink with yellow undertones and a matte finish. It has silver sparkle that you can see in the pan, but it dusts away very quickly and doesn’t bind with the color itself. This shade had nice color payoff and a soft, just barely powdery, texture.

Lovey Dovey is a medium-dark bronze brown with orange undertones and a soft, frosted finish. It had good pigmentation, and it applied smoothly. MAC Mulch is very similar. MAC Electric Coil is more coppered. Dior Aurora is more subdued. Buxom Golden Retriever is similar.

Nude Beach is a golden beige with gold micro-glitter. This shade was sheer, and it was the sheerest of the twelve. I did have problems with fall out from the micro-glitter both during application and while I wore it. Cinderella Charming is similar without the glitter. Dior Couture Gold is slightly paler.

Cinnamon Sugar is a golden, light-medium bronze-brown with a metallic finish. The color payoff was nice, and the texture was soft, smooth, and blendable. Urban Decay Chase is darker, richer. Buxom Mutt is browner, less golden. Urban Decay Suspect is a smidgen darker.

Marzipan is a light-medium orange-brown with a mostly matte finish. It had so-so pigmentation, and it was a little stiff to work with, but it was still blendable. Inglot #337 is darker. MAC Moleskin is darker and browner. Chanel Beige Lame is less orange, browner, and has shimmer/sparkle.

Licorice Latte is a blackened brown with bronze sparkle. It had good color payoff, and while it was a dry kind of matte, it was still soft and blendable. Cinderella Cinders is warmer. Dior Night Golds is browner, less black. Tarina Tarantino Dreamy is warmer, redder-toned. Bobbi Brown Black Gold has more sparkle. MAC Legendary Black is similar.

Overall, Bon Bons is a solid eyeshadow palette, and at $42, it’s more than worth a peek.  It’s a mostly neutral palette with a few purples/pinks thrown in.  I like that they have a variety of finishes from matte to satins to frosts.  The only shade I didn’t care for was Nude Beach, because it was sheer and had fall out throughout the day. The mascara lengthened well without clumping and did not flake on me–if you need any thickening and volumizing, this isn’t the right mascara. Some of the more matte shades leaned on the powdery side, but none of the shades were really powdery to a point where it was detrimental to application.  When I tested out the wear of the eyeshadows, they wore eight hours without fading or creasing over the Candlelight base, and without any base, there was some minor but noticeable fading after eight hours.

The palette is an excellent value, even for the eyeshadows alone, but you also get an eyeshadow primer and full-sized mascara to complete the look.  I like that both of those things fit inside the palette, since they’re of substantial enough size that they’ll last longer than few uses.  You could always put in a gloss or eyeliner in those slots, too, as time went on.