theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette = theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

theBalm and the Beautiful Face Palette

If you’re bummed about the limited edition nature of the theBalm Cast Your Shadow Face Palette, if you’re more interested in the products than the Muppets’ theme, then never fear–the exact same shades are coming back for the holidays. The palette is exactly the same in size, weight, layout, and actual products–the packaging is just a different motif. Instead, it has a daytime-TV/soap opera theme. The shades are the same but have been renamed to fit the palette’s theme. It includes sixteen eyeshadows, two lip/cheek stains, and one lipgloss.

  • Tres Moi = The Oil Tycoon
  • Wocka, Wocka = The Estranged Mom
  • Meep Meep = The Supermodel
  • Mahna-Mahna = The Bad Boy
  • Sensational = The Southern Bell
  • Inspirational = The Mother-In-Law
  • Celebrational = The Guy Who Died But Didn’t Really Die
  • Muppetational = The Mistress
  • Woman, Woman = The Step Brother
  • Curtain Call = The Coma Patient
  • Great Gonzo = The Police Man
  • Kissy, Kissy = The Brain Surgeon
  • Wild Child = The Neighbor
  • Lab Coat = The Stock Broker
  • Hiii-Yaaa! = The Basketcase
  • Swedish Pancakes = The Older Woman
  • Rainbow Connection = The Drama Queen
  • Le Diva = The Perfect Man
  • Electric Mayhem = The Evil Twin

I don’t have detailed information about distribution, availability, etc. quite yet (it is still a bit early for holiday), but for those more excited about the innards of the palette, this will be a more readily available option I expect!

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