Best Makeup Brushes for Powder Eyeshadows

Best Makeup Brushes for Applying Eyeshadows

The right eyeshadow brush can go a long way for getting the coverage and finish desired in less time, and the key is identifying your own preferences, eye shape and size, and considering how varied (or not) the colors you reach for.  I can easily go through 100 brushes in a week, as I tend to switch to new, clean brushes as I change colors or finishes (as I’m testing products), but I don’t expect that to be quite as necessary for most readers.  I’ve found a lot of brushes I enjoy, so I’ve included the ones I reach for most often, even though there are a slew of additional brushes I keep within reach.

I would love to hear about the brushes you can’t live without for applying powder eyeshadow — share your picks in the comments! 🙂 Stay tuned for my brush picks for cream eyeshadow, brows, and detail work, and then later, my top brushes for cheeks/face!