Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Collection (Part 2)

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Collection

Tarte’s Treat Yourself Eyeliners and Glosses

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous ($49.98) contains four lipglosses, four eyeliners, and twenty eyeshadows. This review focuses on the lipglosses and eyeliners. The lipglosses include: Genuine (sheer, creamy pink), Darling (soft pink shade), Giddy (soft coral pink), and Brazen (bright rose). The eyeliners include: Bronze (golden brown), Black Orchid (black purple), Black Brown (black brown), and Black (black).


  • Bronze is a medium-dark, warm-toned brown with bronze shimmer. It had decent pigmentation in a single pass, but it can be built up.
  • Black Orchid is a blackened purple with plum and pink shimmer. It had good color payoff in one go, but it was not as buildable as Bronze, because the shimmer was a little large.
  • Black Brown is a dark brown with cool undertones. It had excellent pigmentation in one stroke.
  • Black is a dark black with a matte finish. It had so-so payoff in a single pass, but it is very buildable.

The texture of the eyeliners was rather creamy, and the shades glided across the skin easily.  I wore both Bronze and Black Orchid to test out the wear, and both lasted in some capacity for eight hours. I noticed that both shades had disappeared over time such that the line I applied just looked thinner, but I didn’t have any eyeliner lingering in my outer corners. Both eyeliners had thinned noticeably by the sixth hour. The Cashmere Eyeliners are supposed to be long-wearing and waterproof. I found the eyeliners to be fairly waterproof, just not fantastic, perfect-wear for eight hours.  Each eyeliner twists-up and contains 0.01 oz. of product (this is the norm for these types of eyeliners, believe it or not!).


Genuine is a milky neutral pink with semi-opaque color coverage. Because it’s not too pale, it looks better than a lot of milky glosses. It does settle into lip lines just slightly, and it can bunch up on itself and look uneven. NARS International Velvet is lighter. Bobbi Brown Pink Sorbet is lighter and pinker.

Darling is a yellow-toned, light-medium pink with a smattering of gold sparkle. It looked a lot like Genuine from afar. It had semi-sheer to semi-opaque color coverage. MAC Warm Embrace is lighter. Chanel Troublant is more mauve. Chanel Caprice is more shimmery. MAC Floating Lotus has more white shimmer.

Giddy is a milky, light-medium coral with soft pink shimmer scattered through it. It had semi-opaque color coverage. MAC Razzledazzler is lighter. MAC So Vain is more coral, less pink.

Brazen is a rosy, medium-dark pink. It has semi-opaque color coverage and while there are tiny bits of shimmer, they’re almost invisible to the eye. MAC Revenge is Sweet is purpler. MAC Galaxy Rose is very comparable.

Each lipgloss contains 0.11 fl. oz. and comes in a click-tube dispenser with a brush attached to it. This kind of packaging is probably my least favorite for gloss, because unless you’re vigilant about cleaning the applicator, it gets gunky quickly. I also think it’s harder to control the amount of gloss you get for some reason; I either click too many times or not enough. Tarte’s Maracuja Divine Shine Lipgloss is supposed to be moisturizing, hydrating, glossy, and “rich shades [that range] from soft to vivid.” They’re somewhat sticky, wear about three hours a piece, and are lightly hydrating. They have a strong mint scent and light tingling when initially applied.

P.S. — One of my eyes is ridiculously bloodshot. Apparently, it was like that all day (it still is, 10 hours later). I didn’t even notice until I took photos, and I just wanted to assure you it’s not a result of the palette or eyeliner, because it looked like that when in the very first photo I took for the tutorial (so I hadn’t even put anything on yet!).

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Collection (Part 2)