Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Eyeliner

Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Eyeliner
Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Eyelines

Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Eyeliner ($16.00 for 0.17 oz.) is supposed to deliver “smooth color payoff and excellent coverage” that is smudge-proof. It comes in three shades: Glitter Mist (micro iridescent pearl glitter), Magic Mirror (micro silver glitter), and Black Diamond (black liner with iridescent glitter).

  • Glitter Mist is a mix of iridescent pink, white, and silver glitter that’s more sheer than opaque. There’s lots of shimmer, but it doesn’t deliver a solid line of color. The glitter almost looks like flakies.
  • Magic Mirror is a gray and silver mix of glitter; it’s surprisingly not metallic–it’s a much darker gray/silver than your typical foil-like silver.
  • Black Diamond is a black liquid eyeliner with multi-colored glitter–I saw mostly green, blue, and silver.

The first two are more layering shades than ones to wear individually, though Magic Mirror could be worn alone, it doesn’t have quite the same oomph as Black Diamond does when worn alone. Black Diamond definitely has enough of a color base to be used alone, but it’s not as opaque as most black liquid eyeliners. I’ve been liking these more layered over my favorite eyeliners for added sparkle. You can also apply it over mascara, if you should so desire!

The applicator is thin, but the eyeliner can be a little thick, so I prefer to use a separate eyeliner brush (like the 208), especially since I applied it to the lower lash line.  Those with more experience with thin, liquid eyeliner brushes should find this suitable; it feels and looks much like the multitude of others do.  It’s not too long or floppy, and it’s very thin, so precision is possible.

It has a longer drying time (but still under a minute), which is more a minus than it is a plus. Once it dries, though, it didn’t budge. It will peel off if you pick at it (say you swatched it on your arm), but it’s not going anywhere with water (or tears!) or through regular day wear. I didn’t find glitter all over my cheeks or anything like that after wearing it for twelve hours.