Sephora French Riviera (04) Eyeshadow Review, Photos,S watches

Sephora French Riviera (04) Eyeshadow
Sephora French Riviera (04) Eyeshadow

Sephora French Riviera (04) Eyeshadow ($13.00 for 0.07 oz.) is described as a “glittering gold.” It’s a warm, yellow gold with a frosted, metallic finish and gold micro-glitter. Urban Decay Spell is darker but has a similar finish (including the micro-glitter). L’Oreal Gold Imperial is lighter and has a browner base. Urban Decay Blitz is a touch browner/less yellow. Inglot #403 is yellower and has no micro-glitter. Make Up For Ever #10 is a touch warmer and has no micro-glitter.  Generally, French Riviera was slightly less warm, orange/brown, so it is a “cooler” gold (but not really cool-toned).

It has a glitter finish, and it won’t come as much of as a surprise, but there is fall out both during application and later on while the shade is worn. I found the fall out and feel to be in line with Urban Decay’s micro-glitter-infused eyeshadows. I’d love for a glittery eyeshadow that would apply and stay put, but unfortunately, this isn’t it. The texture of French Riviera is soft and smooth, so the underlying gold base is lovely and works, once you get past the glittery fall out. I found that much of the glitter gets lost during application and little remains on the actual lid, so there isn’t a lot left to fall out while it is worn (and fall out during application is easier to deal with, since you can clean it up and be done with it).   When I wore this shade, I had no problems with it wearing a full ten hours without fading or creasing–but the micro-glitter did migrate.