Revlon Neptune Star Diamond Lust Eyeshadow

Revlon Neptune Star Diamond Lust Eyeshadow
Revlon Neptune Star Diamond Lust Eyeshadow

Revlon Neptune Star Diamond Lust Eyeshadow

Revlon Neptune Star Diamond Lust Eyeshadow ($4.99 for 0.028 oz.) is a muted dark navy blue with multi-colored shimmer (preodminantly blue, green, and violet). The color payoff is sheer and looks almost muddied when it is applied dry, and when it’s applied wet, the navy blue starts to bubble forth. Dry, it has a similar color as Dior Smoking Blue, though it doesn’t have the same shimmer/glitter. Make Up For Ever #147 is closest in terms of overall color but lacks the glitter component.

This eyeshadow takes a LOT of work to get to work well (or decently, I suppose). It suffers from poor color payoff, poor blendability, and fall out (both during application and later on while it is worn). When I saw this, it looked so beautiful and shimmering in its compact, so I had to buy it. I thought it was going to be a finer shimmer application, but it’s fairly large, chunky glitter–the texture actually feels gritty to the touch. This is a product that I’d say is best used patted lightly on top of some other, better performing eyeshadow. It just doesn’t deliver enough pigmentation to be used easily on its own.

The fall out is pretty bad, but I had the most frustration dealing with how difficult this shade was to blend. It is dry and stiff to work with, and when you finally manage to blend it out, there’s a really muddied look to it. It does not play well with others for that reason.  Fall out during application is one problem, and there’s fall out because you’re heavier handed and then there’s fall out because the product is too powdery or doesn’t bind together well, but fall out that continues throughout the time you wear it is the kind I focus most on and am most concerned about.  You will absolutely need to bring out your arsenal of tricks to use with the glitter-bomb–a sticky, adhesive base (like MAC Mixing Medium, Too Faced Glitter Glue, etc.) is a must.

Revlon may describe this has having “rich, refined pigments” and a “velvety smooth texture” that “glides on smoothly, blends effortlessly,” but I didn’t find that any of those things were true.  What is true is that yes, this will provide a really gorgeous dimension to the lid with the high sparkle content, but it will take some patience and additional products to get it to behave (which solves the fall out issue the most, but not so much the pigmentation or the blendability).  It ends up being a novelty purchase for me; something to work with for a very specific type of look when you have enough time to prep and clean up after it. If you like a glittery effect and don’t mind the work to create the look, you may find this is worth checking out. I recommend it as a layering shade over a coordinating eyeshadow.


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