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5 Ways to Wear: Purple Eyeshadow – MAC Satellite Dreams

5 Ways to Wear:  Purple Eyeshadow

Featuring MAC Satellite Dreams

MAC Satellite Dreams Eyeshadow is a gorgeous shade of muted, toned-down medium purple. It’s really a wearable shade of purple — not bright like Stars ‘n Rockets, nor too pale like Digit. Here are five different ways you can wear this fun shadow!

The Star

Start by applying your favorite neutral base (e.g. MAC Soft Ochre paint pot, Urban Decay Primer Potion, or Too Faced Shadow Insurance) all over your lid. Apply Shroom eyeshadow to the inner third of the eye lid with a fluffy shadow brush like the 239. Lightly apply Seedy Pearl eyeshadow to the middle third of the lid with a fluffy shadow brush. With a fluffy crease brush like the 226, apply Satellite Dreams eyeshadow to the outer third of the lid and blend into the crease. Darken the crease by lighting tapping Contrast eyeshadow into the outer third of the crease with a pencil brush like the 219. Finish by highlighting the brow bone with Shroom eyeshadow, lining the lower lash line with a soft black, and applying a few coats of black mascara onto upper and lower lashes. For lips, try using a plummy-pink or neutral pink lipstick/gloss. For cheeks, a cool-toned pink or soft raspberry will do the trick.

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Look – Lots of Purples and Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Here’s that look I mentioned yesterday! 🙂 I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and you know what? I much prefer pigments for my colored bases. I think I would have had better staying power, no fading, and it would have had more *pop* — I will definitely be opting for pigments in the future, methinks!

The weirdest part about this look was how clumsy I felt doing it. I think it turned out fine, but it had been SO long since I had done any makeup–let alone anything this bright or bold–and my hands felt awkward, clumsy. I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing! It all felt so new, LOL.

Oh!  And you can see my new hair in this look.  I got it cut from the same picture as before, but I went “all the way” in terms of length.  To be honest, I preferred the longer, modified version last time.  But it’s okay, because I was able to go this short and be OK with it.  I didn’t cry or feel like I lost a part of me.  It’ll grow out soon enough!

Today I’m off to meet up with a bride I’m doing makeup for in June 2009. Wish me luck 🙂  What are you all doing this hump day?

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (base), Silver Ring eyeshadow (silver), Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow (fuchsia-purple), Parfait Amour eyeshadow (cool purple), Climate Blue eyeshadow (dark cool purple), Shale eyeshadow (mauvey-purple), Hush eyeshadow (pink-toned highlighter), Urban Decay Lust 24/7 Liner (dark purple), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Dior Rose Diamond blush (soft pink)
  • Lips: Sweetie lipstick (medium pink), Calvin Klein Knockout Lip Gloss (pink-purple)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Climate Blue = Contrast

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance all over the lid as the base with the 249. On the inner lid, apply Silver Ring eyeshadow using the 239. Apply Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow to the middle of the lid. Darken the outer lid using Parfait Amour packed on and drag into crease using the 239. Darken crease with Climate Blue eyeshadow using the 239. Blend the harsh line of the crease by overlaying Shale eyeshadow. Sweep Hush underneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Urban Decay Lust 24/7 Liner on lower lash line, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Rose Diamond blush using the 129. Apply Sweetie lipstick to lips, and then top with CK Knockout lip gloss for color and shine.

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