Philosophy Orchid Blossom Shower Gel Review, Photo

Philosophy Orchid Blossom Shower Gel
Philosophy Orchid Blossom Shower Gel

Spring Florals with Orchid Blossom

Philosophy Orchid Blossom 3-in-1 Shower Gel ($16.00 for 16 fl. oz.) is soft, sweet floral that bursts with fragrance as soon as it lathers up but doesn’t linger on the skin.  The overall scent seems lighter and subtler than many other Philosophy scents, particularly their food-based scents, though still seemingly less fragrant than ones like Unconditional Love.

Philosophy describes the scent as:

inspired by the delicate essence of orchid blossoms, this shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath embraces classic beauty and elegance. the extra rich and creamy formula provides a moisturizing lather that caresses your body as it gently cleanses and softens skin and hair. the delicate, whispering scent of orchid blossoms inspires a compassionate, beautiful experience that is meant to be cherished.

my thoughts on the formula: They lather up well and leave skin feeling clean without any tightness or dryness. If you prefer your body wash to leave behind a long-lasting scent, these won’t be for you, but if you like to enjoy the scent while you shower but don’t want it to linger heavily beyond, then these are perfect. (I belong to the latter category!) I don’t find them to lather quite as well in the hair, and they work in a pinch to clean hair, but I prefer many other shampoos over this one. It does, however, work well as a bubble bath, too–a little goes a long way.

final thoughts: It’s a pleasant floral scent, and out of the four spring offerings from Philosophy, I think this is probably the best – it has enough strength to make for an enjoyable shower.

where to buy: Philosophy