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5 Lipsticks Fit for Valentine’s Day

Here’s a little mix of my picks for Valentine’s Day-themed lipsticks that range from light pink to vibrant red!  I’d love to hear your picks!

  1. MAC Lickable — bright pink
  2. Giorgio Armani #503 — rich red
  3. NARS Dragon Girl — blue-based matte red
  4. OCC Femme — light-medium pink
  5. Revlon Lollipop — glossy fuchsia pink

What lipsticks remind you of Valentine’s Day?

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5 Perfectly Pink Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day

5 Perfectly Pink Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day

First, truth be told, I could not stick to just FIVE measly choices for pink lipsticks that would be fitting for Valentine’s Day. These are just my first five, so there are more to come. This is a good mix of pinks available, but the next one will focus on brighter pinks 🙂

  1. Laura Mercier Raspberry Sorbet — lovely soft raspberry pink
  2. OCC Femme — pale, light, but opaque yellow-toned pink
  3. Bobbi Brown Cosmic Raspberry — brightened raspberry pink
  4. Giorgio Armani #507 — light-medium pink, not too bright, not too dark
  5. Chanel Charme — semi-sheer pink with subtle cool undertones

What’s your pink pick for Valentine’s Day?

OCC Fall 2011 Lip Tars (Banjee, Femme, Narcissus, Pretty Boy, Queen) Swatches, Photos, Reviews

OCC Banjee Lip Tar

OCC Fall 2011: Lip Tars

OCC Lip Tars ($13.00 for 0.27 fl. oz.) see the addition of six new shades with the Pretty Boy Collection on September 6th. I reviewed Butch previously (blue can’t help but be an individual, y’know), so this post includes these five: Banjee (freshly sliced mango), Femme (pale flamingo pink), Narcissus (creamy pink/lavender), Pretty Boy (deep, true fuchsia), and Queen (screaming neon red).

If you have any experience with Lip Tars, the best advice anyone can give is: a little goes a very, very long way. You really need much less than you’d think. It’s also much easier to use a lighter hand and add more as needed. You can apply straight from the tube (and the angled applicator works well to maneuver around the natural curves of the lips) or with a lip brush (OCC recommends their #009 brush).

  • Banjee is a vibrant, light-medium orange with opaque color and a subtly glossy sheen. I couldn’t think of any similar shades (you would think with all of these orange lipsticks, there would be something!) because this is lighter and less of a dark orange or true orange–there is a yellowness to Banjee.
  • Femme is a softened, pastel pink with subtle blue undertones. The color coverage is opaque. It’s similar but a touch pinker than MAC Royal Azalea, bluer than MAC Overtime, pinker than MAC All Styled Up, similar in hue but lighter than YSL Fetish Pink, and a tad lighter than MAC Viva Glam Gaga I.
  • Narcissus is a medium, fuchsia-lavender with a subtle sheen. It delivers opaque color coverage. It is lighter and pinker than MAC Love Forever, very similar to MAC Asian Flower, and lighter but similar in color to MAC Petals & Peacocks.
  • Pretty Boy is a dark, blue-based fuchsia pink with a subtle shine and opaque color coverage. It’s cooler toned than NARS Carthage, which leans redder. Illamasqua Welt is similar in coolness but lighter overall.
  • Queen is a neon pink-red with a soft shine and really rich, opaque color. Guerlain Shalimar is pinker, while MAC Insanely It has fuchsia shimmer and is less vibrant. MAC Gesina is similar, a touch redder and less neon.

Femme is one of the nicer pastel pinks I’ve seen on me, which is due, in part, to the opacity as well as the subtle blue-base–so if you’re warm-toned and have always wanted a pastel pink, this one might work better for you than many of the alternatives.  There are some similarities with MAC’s recently released Sheen Supreme lipsticks (Azalea Blossom and Asian Flower), but I think OCC does them better–the texture and formula are more flattering to the lips and give them a more even appearance.

Lip Tars are very creamy; they’re very much a liquid lipstick, and as such, they’re extremely rich in pigment.  As stated earlier, you only need a tiny dab for total coverage.  They can be mixed with other Lip Tars for your own custom combination (which is how the Lip Tars were initially, but now they have many shades that are great as-is).  The richness in color makes these long-wearing, too–I usually get six hours, sometimes as long as eight.  Shades like Pretty Boy and Queen do stain over time, so sometimes they wear even longer than eight.

They are mint-scented (from the inclusion of peppermint oil), and I don’t find them drying, but if I wear one color for eight hours, I do need to pat on some lip balm, because I don’t find these very moisturizing on their own.  I don’t have issues with these bleeding, but it will happen if you apply a thicker layer, so you may want to wear a lip liner with some of the darker shades.

OCC Fall 2011 Lip Tars (Banjee, Femme, Narcissus, Pretty Boy, Queen) Swatches, Photos, Reviews


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