NYX Fortune Cookie Lipstick

NYX Fortune Cookie Lipstick
NYX Fortune Cookie Lipstick

NYX Fortune Cookie Lipstick

NYX Fortune Cookie Round Lipstick ($4.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a shimmery bronzed beige. It appears much lighter and whiter on my lips–it’s a very, very frosted finish. The shade reminded me of MAC Pretty Please, which is a little pinker; MAC Tanarama, which is more golden; and MAC Bubbles, which is whiter and pinker.

This is not for someone who doesn’t LOVE their shimmer. It’s kind of like a really shimmered/frosted nude. There’s so much shimmer in this that it ends up looking almost opaque on the lips. I like it overall, and I think the effect looks nicer from afar; I’d recommend layering a gloss on top (maybe a red or plum) that’s more of a cream finish. Though it can be worn alone, it also works well as a layering product.

Because of the high level of frost, it is a bit drying compared to other shades I’ve tried within this range. It also wears away a little unevenly, but it does apply evenly from the get-go, which isn’t always true for extreme frost finishes. Mine has no detectable scent, though I know sometimes NYX’s lipsticks seem to be scented with something, but this has been waiting to be tested/reviewed for several months so it may have lost its scent over time (I find that more budget-friendly brands lose their fragrance much faster than higher-end brands). Fortune Cookie wore for about three hours.