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New York Fashion Week Fall 2008 – Time To Gear Up!

I’m a first time New York Fashion Week goer!  I’m definitely not a pro, and of course, I’m a little nervous about it all.  I am thankful I attended San Francisco Fashion Week this past August, even though I’m fully aware of how very different the two are–but it does give me some idea of what to expect as a baseline.  I am a planner, first and foremost; I even enjoy the planning that goes into things.  Unfortunately, getting a firm schedule is a nightmare, and I only have a few things carved in stone at this point.  So since I can’t exactly force my schedule to come together yet, I can at least plan the other details about my visit!

WEATHER poses a significant “problem” for me, as I have been a California girl for just over fifteen years now.  My teeth chatter as if hypothermia were imminent at about 50 degrees, let alone at 20.  As a result, I am honestly more anxious about facing the brutal east coast weather than the designers and tents!

Goal #1: I decided I needed to purchase the following items to hope to cope with the low temps:  wool coat, boots, gloves, and long underwear.

  • Result: Considering winter is still in full swing, it did not occur to me that winter wear is already on the outs!  Alas, I could not find a single pair of boots in my size that did not offend my [limited] sense of fashion.  Instead, I bought a pair of black Alfani loafers, which I fully intend to break in over the next week.  Pray they don’t kill my feet.  I bought two black wool coats, but one fits me much better than the other one.  The only problem is there is belt sewn from the back that gets tied in the front that just looks awful!  I’m hoping my mother can unsewn the sucker so I can rejoice in my lovely new coat!  Better I take it to her than try to DIY it myself!
  • Pending: I’m hoping to save some money and get gloves and long underwear (I don’t care if it’s not sexy nor high fashion, nobody will know!) from my mom.

Goal #2: I will double and triple check that I have these warming items with me at all times:  thick socks, sweater, and a scarf.  If I could wear a hat without looking like a robber, I would!

BUSY BUSY is the very nature of Fashion Week, so I need to make sure I take adequate precautions to prevent dehydration, starvation, and overall exhaustion.

Goal #3: I will bring at least one bottle of water with me in my bag (Evian is sponsoring FW, so I expect to get more water there!) for emergencies.  I will also keep a bag of Goldfish crackers for snacking and a makeshift lunch–plus some sugary sweets for quick boosts of energy.

LOOKING GOOD while attending is always desirable, and to do this, I have to make sure I take the right kind of makeup with me.

Goal #4: I don’t intend to check any bags, so I have to be conscious of how many liquid products I take with me–this means light on the glosses, lipsticks, and creams.  Good news, though, because MAC recently launched an extended accessories line, which includes many empty containers, perfect for travel.  I also want to make sure that I do not take too much makeup, for fear of breakage or it being lost/stolen.

  • Eyes:  Two quads–one with neutral colors (Ricepaper, Goldmine, Rye, and Bronze); one with darker colors (Carbon, Vex, Cranberry, Velvet Moss); Feline kohl power; Blacktrack fluidline; Plushlash mascara; sample of mixing medium; Gold Dusk pigment
  • Lips: One nude, pink, and red lipstick (Cherish, Mari-sheeno, and Queen’s Sin); one nude, pink, and red gloss (Trifle, Bait, Red Romp); Pink Treat cremestick liner
  • Face:  Studio Fix Fluid in NC30; Dior SkinShimmer in Amber Diamond; Sculpt sculpting powder; Margin and Don’t Be Shy blushes; Daisydust beauty powder; sample of Moisturelush; travel size cleanser
  • Brushes:  219, 239, 249 for eyes; 129, 182 x2, 194 for face

DON’T FALL BEHIND in school, as I will for sure be missing one day of classes.  Since I’ll be busy the whole weekend, I need to make sure I manage to keep up with the reading for my classes upon my return.

Goal #5: Print out all the cases I need to read for my classes for week and read them on the plane ride to/from NYC.  MUST. READ.  I used go on weekend trips all the time during undergrad, and I would always bring some school-related reading… but would never do it.  I must use all my will power to not fall into that bad habit!

SET UP A NYC GET-TOGETHER for my very lovely Temptalia readers in the area!  Now, I know I asked about interest in a SF PRO meet up, but I didn’t know I’d be heading to NYC.  Since I’m not exactly a jetsetter, I think it’d be great to take it as an opportunity to meet any interested readers while I was out there.  Since my schedule is still up in the air, I can’t give you details, other than it will either be February 2nd or 3rd (and probably during the day).  I apologize for how last-minute it is and will be, but hopefully a few of us can gab and talk shop for a bit.

Now it’s your turn to help me! Am I missing something that I totally need to make sure I bring with me (either to NYC or to FW)?  Advice for facing the cold, harsh winter of the east coast?

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New York Fashion Week Fall 2008 – Temptalia’s going!

Ladies and gentlemen, something very special has been brewing behind-the-scenes at Temptalia, and it appears that we are heading, in person, to New York Fashion Week!  Temptalia will be spending February 1st-4th in New York City milling about the tents at Bryant Park, hoping to glimpse at some celebrities, drool over designer clothes, and have some makeup breakdowns and tidbits to share with you all.  So while I am busy gearing up (and trying to find winter clothes that will prevent me from turning into an ice cube…), share with me who your favorite designer is (clothes, jewelry, shoes, whatever!).