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Teal (Green-Based) Eyeliners: Swatches, Dupes, and Comparisons

Green-Teal Eyeliners
Green-Teal Eyeliners: UD Covet, MAC Undercurrent, MAC Minted, MAC Mystery,
MUFE #20L, MAC Jade Way, UD Junkie, MAC Blue Noon, MAC Float on By,
MAC Practice Makes Perfect

Green-Teal Eyeliners: Your Guide

Surprisingly, not a lot of real dupes here – a couple that are similar, but the finishes tended to separate one from another. Also interesting? How much MAC dominates the green-ish teal eyeliners that I own!

  1. Urban Decay Covet is a green-based teal with a soft sheen. MAC Blue Noon is a touch lighter.
  2. MAC Undercurrent is a darkened, green-teal with gold shimmer.
  3. MAC Minted is a darkened teal with a green tinge.
  4. MAC Mystery is a blackened teal with a black-brown base.
  5. Make Up For Ever #20L is a green-teal with a barely-there sheen.
  6. MAC Jade Way is a darkened green with a hint of teal.
  7. Urban Decay Junkie is a Green-Teal with a green-gold shimmer. It’s much bluer in comparison to MAC Undercurrent. (LE)
  8. MAC Blue Noon is a medium teal with a hint of blue. It is lighter than MAC Minted. (LE)
  9. MAC Float on By is a bluish-teal with a strong sheen. (LE)
  10. MAC Practice Makes Perfect is a dark blue-based teal. (LE)

TEMPTALIA PICKS:  #1 (quality, longevity), #2 (gold shimmer), #5 (pigmentation, longevity)

Behind-the-Series:  It was my intention to provide heavy, opaque swatches to provide an accurate color comparison.  Some eyeliners required one pass, some required five, and a few even more.  When possible, the shade name (above) is linked to the original review so you can read more about the quality, wear, etc. of a particular eyeliner.  If we’ve never done a review, there will be no link.  Shades that were limited edition will be marked with “(LE)” and shades that were discontinued will be marked with “(DC)” after the color description.  You can also find all comparisons on The Dupe List.

What’s your favorite Green-Teal Eyeliner? How do you like to use it?

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Duochromes + Jealousy Wakes Look

Duochromes + Jealousy Wakes Look

I was just playing around, and I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, but some reader encouragement helped 🙂 After seeing several readers mention Vex on yesterday’s post about Bare Escentual’s Urban Nature, I figured I’d try it. And then I just couldn’t help reaching for Jealousy Wakes…  The green tones of Urban Nature brought out the green in the shadow (rather than the slight bluish nature of it) — which is what I wanted, something that is so on the edge of green that it’ll integrate well with other shadows.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Urban Nature all over the lid and above the crease with the 242 to lay down your eyeshadow base.   Lightly press Vex eyeshadow onto the inner half of the lid with the 239.  Then apply Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid and into the crease with the 239.  Blend Vex eyeshadow by pulling lightly towards the outer lid with the 239.  Apply Vanilla eyeshadow on the brow bone to highlight and soften the edge of the crease.  Next, apply Gilded White liner on the lower waterline and #20 liner on the lower lash line, and then smudge with Jealousy Wakes eyeshadow.  Coat lashes with Film Noir mascara to finish the look.

For cheeks, apply Aurora on the apples of the cheeks and sweep towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply #2 lipgloss for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!