MAC Naturally Mineralize Eyeshadows

MAC Cloudy Afternoon Mineralize Eyeshadow
MAC Cloudy Afternoon Mineralize Eyeshadow

MAC Naturally: Mineralize Eyeshadows

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows ($20.00 for 0.07oz.) make an appearance in the Naturally collection as well, with five new and limited edition shades to choose from: Cloudy Afternoon (cream with gold, grey, and pink veining), Daylight (peach with dirty blue lavender veining), In the Sun (gold with violet veining), Summer Haze (palest gold with deeper gold veining), and Twilight Falls (cool brown with bronze veining).

  • Cloudy Afternoon is a slightly gray-brown with a silvered edge. It has a frosted finish. When applied dry, it looks less brown and has some sheerness, while when applied damp, it holds together better. I applied this to my lid, and it looked mostly gray, because it tends to lose the character it takes on when applied damp once it dries down and “settles” in a way. theBalm Selfish is darker and browner. NARS Grand Palais is browner. More like Bobbi Brown Rockstar, which had subpar pigmentation.
  • Daylight is a pinked lavender with a frosted finish that turns more metallic when it is applied damp. It had good color payoff both wet and dry, though. MAC Circa Plum has more purple. MAC Tendersmoke is smokier.
  • In the Sun is burnished copper with gold sparkle. The pigmentation is good both wet and dry, but it has a grittier consistency, which I suspect is partially due to the larger sparkle used in this. I would anticipate some fall out with this shade as well. MAC Red Hot Copper is similar in color. MAC Coppering is more intense and coppery.
  • Summer Haze is a beige champagne with a metallic finish. It takes on a darker quality when it is applied wet, but the color payoff is nice both wet and dry. The beige in Chanel Eclosion is similar but a bit darker and has a subtler finish. MAC Sweet Satisfaction looks darker because it has less of a metallic sheen.
  • Twilight Falls is a dark, almost sooty, brown with subtle teal sparkle. It’s softer when applied dry compared to the result when applied wet, but the payoff is decent both ways. Urban Decay Busted is more intense. theBalm Silly is more burgundy. theBalm Caught in the Act Courtney is also similar.

I tested out three of the five shades by wearing them in a look yesterday for ten hours: I wore Summer Haze on the inner two-thirds of the lid with Cloudy Afternoon on the outer third of the lid and Twilight Falls in the crease. There was noticeable fading after six hours when used over a primer (fading after four hours, creasing after six without a primer), which has always been a major issue for me when it comes to the Mineralize product line as the wear never seems to last a full work day (eight to nine┬áhours). There was also a fair amount of fall out underneath my eyes. I feel like these get better each year, especially texturally, but I’m still missing the wear. When an eyeshadow fades over primer and used wet, it’s just not a product that endears itself!

The texture is soft, and only In the Sun felt a little rougher, almost gritty, from the sparkle. If you’re normally a fan of Mineralize Eyeshadows, I imagine you’ll enjoy these–they feel a little softer without being powdery than previous iterations. If you’re less of a fan but like your colors soft, you may not mind the faded look of these. For me, especially when shelling out $20 a pop as I did with these, I want true color for at least a day of wear.

MAC Naturally Mineralize Eyeshadows