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MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powders Swatches, Photos, Reviews

MAC Honey Rose Magically Cool Liquid Powder
MAC Honey Rose Magically Cool Liquid Powder

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powders

Relaunching on May 5th, Magically Cool Liquid Powders (each $29.50 for 0.84 oz.) will join MAC’s permanent range with three shade offerings: Honey Rose (sheer rosy beige with multidimensional shimmer), Cajun (sheer bronze shimmer with reflects gold), and Truth & Light (sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink). Honey Rose is new, while Cajun and Truth & Light are repromotes from Venomous Villains.

  • Honey Rose is a pink-tinged champagne with a metallic-frost finish. It has very subtle cool undertones but should work well on warmer skin tones. On extremely pale skin tones, it might work as a blush, but overall, it is much more likely to be a highlighter.
  • Cajun is a medium tan with soft golden sheen and warm undertones. It gives my cheeks a tanned look.
  • Truth & Light is a soft, beige nude with a peach sheen. Like Honey Rose, this is best as a highlighter or possibly all-over powder. It’s more sheen than color.

Magically Cool Liquid Powder is a cool product–it does feel like liquid when you initially apply it, and it quickly transitions to a powder finish within mere seconds. It’s certainly a fun product to play around with and swatch. Personally, I find it more difficult to apply and blend out, because once it dries, it doesn’t like to move or diffuse. It’s less concerning with lighter shades like Honey Rose and Truth & Light, but with a more color-loaded shade like Cajun, yields a blotchy look.

I found the best application method was with a stippling brush and using a very feathery touch, because it gives you more room for error. Since they do not like to blend out once dried, they do wear well (eight hours).

When these are brand new, there is a black sticker that covers the entire inside portion of the jar, which keeps all of the product locked in. For photography purposes, I removed the entire label, but I would recommend only lifting it to reveal a few holes (perhaps 5 or so), and cutting the lifted area, but keeping the majority of the lid still sealed. The sifter just allows far too much powder to come through, and a lot of it will puff and disperse in the area each time you go to open it (my jeans were covered in micro-shimmer after opening Cajun, which I’ve had since September).

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powders Swatches, Photos, Reviews


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MAC Venomous Villains: Dr. Facilier

MAC Venomous Villains - Dr. Facilier

MAC Disney Venomous Villains Collection: Dr. Facilier Review, Photos, Swatches

The last part of the collection is Dr. Facilier’s part. It includes one lipgelee, three pigments, two greasepaint sticks, and two magically cool liquid powders. It also has a silver mirror compact with Dr. Facilier on the outside (not shown or reviewed here).

All of the character images are stamped on the products; they are not stickers. You can find official promotional imagery and color descriptions here. The collection launches on September 30th, 2010 at all MAC locations, October 2010 internationally, and approximately September 28th for online. You may also want to check your local store to see if they are holding an unveiling/preview party for the collection.

Pigment ($19.50 U.S. / $23.50 CDN)

  • Melon is a peachy-gold with subtle pink undertones.  I love Melon as a base for corals, golds, reds, and bronzes.   It also works nicely to highlight cheeks or lips.  This is part of the permanent range.
  • Brash & Bold is a bright pop of dark pink with subtle satin sheen.  It’s smooth, pigmented, and not frosty at all.  It was released last year with Makeup Art Cosmetics.
  • Push the Edge is a lightly shimmered violet purple.  It has a nice richness in color, and it has a slightly metallic sheen.  It was released last year with Makeup Art Cosmetics.

Magically Cool Liquid Powder ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

  • Truth & Light is a soft peach nude sheen. Yes, it feels like liquid when you apply it to skin, and yes, it is a little wet, and then it dries to a powder finish. It is VERY cool to play with, I can assure you! This is something one might use all over or to highlight certain areas; it’s very subtle and not at all frosty. (It doesn’t photograph/show well on my cheeks by itself.)  It can be used under or over makeup.
  • Cajun is a medium tan with soft peach sheen. It gives my cheeks just a little bit of a tanned/bronzed look–again, very subtle, but more noticeable on its own than Truth & Light.

Lipgelee ($15.50 U.S. / $18.50 CDN)

  • Resort Life is an over-the-top white champagne shimmered, silver glittered sheer gloss with subtle pink glitter. It was originally released in MAC in Lillyland.

Greasepaint Stick ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

  • Slick Black is a deep dark black, very solid and opaque. It’s been released a few times now.
  • French Quarter is a smoldering golden taupe brown with a black-brown base and flecks of bronze glitter-shimmer. It’s stunning, and it would make a great base for darker, smokier looks.  Much, much warmer than Dirty Greasepaint Stick.

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