Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Collection (Part 1)

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Collection

Twenty Eyeshadows to Give or Get

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous ($49.98) contains four lipglosses, four eyeliners, and twenty eyeshadows. This review focuses on the eyeshadows, and a second review will feature the lipglosses and eyeliners. These are the twenty eyeshadows you’ll find in the set: Macaroon (shimmering white), Privacy, Please (light pink), Canary Diamond (pink gold), Truffle (eggplant), Tiramisu (matte soft brown), Bellini (champagne), 24 Carats (shimmering gold), Safari (silver), Cabana (copper), Locket (bronze), Bubble Bath (matte white), Ice Wine (raspberry), Sailboat (gray),
Match Point (green), Gossip (purple), Stiletto (denim), Skinny Dip (skinny dip), Frozen Hot Chocolate (beige pink), Velvet (burgundy), and Tahitian Pearl (charcoal).

Macaroon is a shimmering warm white with a frosted finish. It was noticeably sheer but very soft. MAC Preferred Blonde is similar. Illamasqua Slink is warmer. Tarina Tarantino Lonely is less frosted. bareMinerals 500 Thread Count is cooler-toned.

Privacy, Please is a rose-shimmered bronze with champagne sparkle. This had a larger shimmer in it. The color payoff was semi-sheer. Too Faced Hot Cocoa is darker. Cinderella Palace is more golden.

Canary Diamond is a warm, orange-toned gold with a frosted, metallic sheen. It had decent to good pigmentation and was very smooth. Dior Night Golds is very comparable. theBalm Iron Maid-in is less orange. MAC Barefoot is less metallic. Dior Couture Gold is more metallic. Milani Drenched in Gold is a touch less orange.

Truffle is a warm, red-toned, medium-dark brown with a pearly sheen. It had good color payoff and applied smoothly and evenly. Cinderella Chateau is similar, a bit richer. NARS Flowers 3 has less of a sheen. Illamasqua Focus is a cream and a touch grayer. Urban Decay YDK is more intense.

Tiramisu is a medium-dark brown with subtle red undertones and has a matte finish. It had good pigmentation and was easy to blend on the eyelid. Bobbi Brown Stone is a touch warmer. MAC Texture is more orange-toned.

Bellini is a creamy white gold with strong yellow tones and a frosted finish. The pigmentation was excellent, and it was soft and finely-milled but a touch powdery. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone is a touch less yellow. Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning is similar. Guerlain Calligraphy is whiter. Cinderella Charming is more metallic.

24 Carats is a brightened orange-gold with a metallic sheen. It had decent color payoff but there was some sheerness. Cinderella Gus Gus is yellower. Tarina Tarantino Mr. Gold is darker. bareMinerals Remix is less orange. Chanel Blazing Gold is comparable. MAC Goldmine is more intense.

Safari is a warm golden beige with a frosted, metallic sheen. It had so-so pigmentation but applied smoothly. MAC Retrospeck is very similar. MAC Ricepaper is a touch more beige and less frosted.

Cabana is an orange copper with a golden sheen. It had good pigmentation, applied smoothly, and wasn’t powdery. Wet ‘n’ Wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning is frostier. Guerlain Calligraphy is darker. Urban Decay Penny Lane is more red-toned. bareMinerals Golden Iris is similar.

Locket is a warm, orange-toned medium brown with a pearly sheen. It was easy to work with a soft, smooth texture and good color payoff. NARS Flowers 3 is a touch browner. MAC Aurora is less orange-toned. Bobbi Brown Praline is softer. Urban Decay Chopper is a little more orange.

Bubble Bath is a pale pink beige with a matte finish. It had excellent pigmentation and blended easily, but it was a little powdery. Wet ‘n’ Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine is more beige. Urban Decay Walk of Shame is a touch darker. bareMinerals 500 Thread Count is lighter. MAC Creamy Bisque is also lighter.

Ice Wine is a plummy purple with gold shimmer. It had so-so color payoff and was a bit powdery. Le Metier de Beaute Icon is grayer and matte. NARS Charade is less purple, redder. Guerlain Boulevard du Montparnasse is similar.

Sailboat is a light-medium gray-tinged brown with a matte finish. It had good pigmentation and was soft, smooth, and not at all powdery. Tarina Tarantino Lovely is shimmery. Chanel Prelude is shimmery and darker.

Match Point is an olive green with strong golden olive coloring and a frosted, metallic finish. It had good color payoff and applied smoothly. Urban Decay Rush is darker, more bronze. Urban Decay Blitz is more metallic. Maybelline Bold Gold is more metallic and a cream product. MAC Sumptuous Olive is greener.

Stiletto is a medium-dark gray with a soft sheen. The color payoff was good, but it was powdery. bareMinerals Chateau is cooler-toned.

Gossip is a fuchsia purple with very fine shimmer, but it appears mostly matte on the lid. It had good color payoff, and while soft, was a tiny bit powdery. Cinderella Maiden is pinker, less purple. Urban Decay Infamous is similar but more intense.

Skinny Dip is a light pink with yellow undertones and a matte finish. It had great pigmentation and was easy to blend and work with. Chanel Variatoin is lighter. Chanel Premier Regard is softer. Dolce & Gabbana Cinnamon is shimmery and a bit cool-toned. bareMinerals Giddy is very similar. Inglot #356 is a touch less pink.

Frozen Hot Chocolate is a mauve-tinted brown with a frosted finish. It had good color payoff and applied smoothly. NARS 413BLKR is slightly lighter. Giorgio Armani #27 is darker. Tarina Tarantino Fantastical is purpler. MAC Tendersmoke is similar.

Velvet is a red-toned eggplant purple with a satiny sheen. It had good pigmentation and applied evenly. OCC Overlook is similar. Guerlain Boulevard du Montparnasse is darker. NARS Caravaggio is redder.

Tahitian Pearl is a medium black with brown undertones and a pearly sheen. The color payoff was good, but the texture was a smidgen dry. Illamasqua Obsidian is a touch darker. Wet ‘n’ Wild Shimmer the Night Away is comparable–more matte.

The concept behind the Treat Yourself collection is that it comes in three distinct pieces, so you can keep all three boxes or give one or two away.  The eyeshadows are housed in the larger gold box that slides open on each side to reveal twenty eyeshadows that are 0.06 oz. each–that’s larger than the average full-sized eyeshadow (MAC and Urban Decay full-sized eyeshadows are 0.05 oz.).  I would prefer flip-top packaging, because the sides don’t slide open easily, and it takes up a lot of space on the counter when it’s fully open.

I like the eyeshadows, but I’m not fully in love, because some are sheer, others are somewhat powdery.  The more pigmented shades tended to be slightly powdery, while the sheer shades smoothed out very nicely, even if they didn’t pack a punch.   The best shades were Bellini, Cabana, Locket, Bubble Bath, Sailboat, Skinny Dip, and Velvet.  The weakest shades were Macaroon, Privacy Please, and Ice Wine.  For my first test look, I used Gossip, Skinny Dip, Ice Wine, and Bubble Bath.  For my second test look, I used Locket, Safari, Truffle, Tiramisu, and Bellini.  Both test looks lasted eight hours without creasing or fading without a primer.  Please note that the rating for this post (as well as the next one) reflect the entire palette overall.

Tarte Treat Yourself to Gorgeous Collection (Part 1)