MAC Seasonally Supreme Lipstick (Part 2) Swatches, Review, Photos

MAC Supreme Sheen Lipstick
MAC Asian Flower Supreme Sheen Lipstick

MAC Seasonally Supreme Lipstick (Part 2)

As promised, here is a review for the remaining four shades from MAC Seasonally Supreme, which hits counters on August 11th and all shades join the permanent range. Each retails for $14.50 and contains 0.12 oz. of product. This post only looks at four of the twelve shades, and you can see the rest of the shades in this original review. The four include: Asian Flower (creamy lavender), Blossom Culture (soft pink with pearlized pigments), Sheer Mandarin (mid-tone yellow orange), and Supreme Style (light coral pink with pearlized pigments).

The formula is lightweight overall, but some of the creamier shades are thicker when worn (think Happy Hibiscus). I get an average of three hours of wear on lighter shades and up to six hours with really rich, bold shades (think Korean Candy). The color coverage is semi-opaque to opaque. These are vanilla-scented, but I did not detect any taste.  I find the lighter shades have a tendency to settle into lip lines and the effect becomes more noticeable as they wear and fade.

For a more in-depth review as well as a comparison against Slimshines, please read this post.

MAC Seasonally Supreme Lipstick (Part 2) Swatches, Review, Photos