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MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Diva in Distress Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius: Eyeshadows

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows ($19.50 for 0.10 oz.) are larger, over-sized eyeshadows (think Tartan Tale or Peacocky-sized, or else the size of Cream Colour Bases) embossed with shading and overspray detailing to mimic the look of jeans. This is an overspray/sheen, which will disappear after the first use or so (all swatches are of the product underneath, after the overspray was wiped away). The four shades include: Diva In Distress (mid-tone gray with silver pearl), Motorhead (mid-tone blue with copper pearl), Stovepipe Black (black with copper pearl), and White Jeanius (white with silver pearl).

  • Diva in Distress is a sheer icy blue-tinged white with a frosted finish. This one was both sheer and a little gritty–not gritty as in huge chunks of glitter, but it didn’t stick. Lots and lots of fall out and the color itself did not bind well.
  • Motorhead is a brightened navy blue with a satin sheen. This shade was more pigmented but not richly pigmented. It’s comparable to Deep Truth, which is part of the permanent range.
  • Stovepipe Black is a taupe-tinged charcoal gray with a metallic-frost finish. This was the nicest of the four; pigmented and smooth, and the color itself a bit unlike the permanent range.  I can’t think of a permanent dupe for this shade; Satin Taupe would be the closest but not as black.
  • White Jeanius is a bright, frosted white. It has good color pay off. It’s comparable to Gesso but with a frosted finish.

my thoughts on the formula: The formula is hit or miss, it seems.  It’s very consistent across the four within this collection, and they do feel similar to the Tartan Tale eyeshadows from 2010.  They have a slightly powdery feel, but for the most part, apply smoothly and don’t have a powdery consistency once applied.  Diva in Distress suffers from both poor color pay off and fall out, while the other three didn’t have fall out issues.

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  • Product: 24/30*
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: *There is a reason why I prefer and often do review products individually, even if they are from the same formula, because there can be enough variance in the quality that the grades would differ individually than they would as some kind of group grade. Diva in Distress’ quality is 15/20, which gives it an overall D rating. Stovepipe Black, on the other hand, is the best of the four, and the quality is 27/30, which moves it to a B+ rating.

where to buy: MAC Cosmetics, March 3rd, 2011