MAC How Beautiful & Snowglobe Beauty Powders

MAC Glitter & Ice Beauty Powder
MAC How Beautiful! Beauty Powder

MAC Glitter & Ice Beauty Powders

MAC Glitter & Ice Beauty Powders ($24.00 for 0.35 oz. each) include two, limited edition shades: How Beautiful! (pale shimmering beige) and Snowglobe (frosty pink beige). The collection is slated to hit stores on October 27th. Beauty powders are soft, sheer to semi-sheer products that can be used on the face as a highlighter or finishing powder, but occasionally they’ll be pigmented enough (or your skin tone may be light enough) for them to be used as a bronzer/blusher. The two featured in this launch lend themselves more as highlighters, even on lighter complexions.

How Beautiful! is a light-medium beige-bronze with a satiny shimmer-sheen. It’s warmer and less frosted compared to MAC Belightful. It’s very, very sheer. It may be a subtle bronzer on the most porcelain of skin tones, but even that may be a stretch. My arm, which is around NC20, barely shows the product once it is blended out. It’s a nice way to add a hint of warmth (without being orange or gold) to the skin, and the sheerness should allow for easy application for both cool and warm skin tones. I will caution that on medium to dark skin tones, the effect is minimal, so you may prefer something with more oomph.

Snowglobe is a pale pink-white with a satiny shimmer-sheen. It’s even sheerer than How Beautiful! because even the heavy swatch looks sheer. It’s pinker than MAC Lightscapade but lighter than MAC Light Sunshine. The upside of something this sheer is that despite its overall paleness in color, it doesn’t appear chalky or powdery, just because there is little product to be seen.  It’s not too cool-toned that it cannot be worn by warmer complexions, and even if it leaned that way, the sheerness makes it fuss-free no matter the tone.  I could see this working as a light finishing powder on paler beauties.

Both of them had soft textures that leaned on the drier side, but this seemed to be minimized when applied with a brush.  The packaging is a glossy white with silver lettering, and inside the compact is a full-sized mirror.  I was only able to achieve six hours of good wear with these, but by the eighth hour, most of the product had disappeared.

MAC How Beautiful & Snowglobe Beauty Powders