MAC Smoky Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter Set

MAC Smoky Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter Set
Pigments: Blue Brown, Dark Soul, Jigs & Jive, Naked; Reflects Blackened Red

MAC Smoky Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter Set

Each pigment/glitter set includes four pigments and one glitter, each contains 0.09 oz. of product, according to the tin. The five glass vials are housed inside a tartan-decorated metal tin, and there is a plastic insert that keeps them standing together, but it’s removable, should you desire. I did find it curious that there were no inserts regarding uses (e.g. what’s eye/lip safe) in any of the sets, though.

This set includes: Blue Brown (deep brown with frosted green/blue reflection), Dark Soul (charcoal black smoked with gold), Jigs & Jive (naked taupe), Naked (fleshy beige with golden copper pearl), and Reflects Blackened Red (sparkling burgundy).

  • Blue Brown is a medium-dark brown with a strong teal reflective base. It’s very much a duochrome, and it is also similar to Club eyeshadow—just much, much more intense. It is a permanent shade.
  • Dark Soul is a smoldering charcoal gray with silver sheen and flecks of glitter. I never see the gold in this shade myself. It is a permanent shade.
  • Jigs & Jive is a softened tan brown with a champagne sheen. This is a new and limited edition shade to this set. I would say it’s similar to Tan pigment, which is permanent.
  • Naked is a soft, warmed up peach beige with subtle gold sheen. It makes for a great highlighter. It is a permanent shade.
  • Reflects Blackened Red is a darkened red-burgundy base with flecks of burgundy glitter and sheen. It is a permanent shade.

I think the pigment sets are a good value, and they’re always worth a peek if you’re into loose color or pigments. You’re getting 0.45 oz. of product for $32.50, while a single, full-sized pigment contains 0.15 oz. of product and retails for $19.50–essentially, this is $60 worth of pigments/glitters.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: This set contains four permanent shades and one new shade–which may be a bummer for some. Jigs & Jive is probably close enough to Tan that you could skip this set if you have Tan, though.

AVAILABILITY: MAC Cosmetics (November 4th/11th — check your local store for availability)