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MAC Sir Teddy

MAC Sir Teddy for Kids Helping Kids

For the holidays, a limited edition Sir Teddy is available in his big boy form and a smaller, keychain size. The larger size is 6″ by 4″ ($15.00), while the smaller version is 3.5″ by 2.5″ ($12.00) and has a keychain clip attached. The larger Sir Teddy’s arms and legs are movable.   The toy is actually made in connection with Gund.

The proceeds from the sale of the teddy bears go towards MAC’s Kids Helping Kids program, which focuses on supporting children affected by HIV/AIDS.  I’m a big supporter of MAC’s Viva Glam program because of the amount of money donated to the cause–it’s not a measly 10%–they make it count.

There really is nothing to review here! They’re cute little bears, and they do make good gifts that don’t break the bank. I like the idea of giving these to any kids you’re gifting this holiday season, but I bought one of each size for myself! 🙂  They also have Kids Helping Kids Holiday Cards ($8.00) and Gift Tags ($8.00) available.