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MAC Wonder Woman: Lipstick & Lipglass Comparisons & Dupes

Wonder Woman Comparison “Session”

MAC Wonder Woman: Lipstick & Lipglass Comparisons & Dupes

Here are comparisons for the lipglasses and lipsticks! If I did not compare something, the most likely reason is because I do not own it.


  • ATHENA’S KISS is most comparable to Magnetique, which is just a bit darker. Funtabulous is sheerer and less intense, while True Babe is brighter, lighter, and bluer-based. Fierce & Fabulous is too pink, while Hot House is significantly darker and Electric Fuchsia is purpler.
  • EMANCIPATION is a little lighter than Bare Necessities, while Devilishly Stylish is a touch less pink but otherwise very similar. Feeling Dreamy is a paler variation, and Young Spark is darker.
  • SECRET IDENTITY is rustier than Crescent, and it is much lighter than Liqueur. Oh Baby is too bronzy, while Kumquat is similar in feel but obviously lighter.
  • WONDER WOMAN is more of a true red than Wicked Ways, which is bluer-based. Cult of cherry is a deeper red with finer shimmer. Russian Red is similar in color, but more opaque and has no shimmer. I think Venetian should be closer, but I do not own it.


  • HEROINE is unlike anything I own, though I think it may compare to Strength (which I do not own). Bronze Shimmer is too coppery, Honeymoon is so light and pale in comparison, and Gel is really nothing alike.
  • MARQUISE D’ is closest to Hug Me, which is a little darker, and Sandy B, which is a little pinker. Angel is far too pink, while Innocence Beware and Hue are paler and pinker.
  • SPITFIRE is darker and less magenta than Petals & Peacocks, Gladiola, and Madly Magenta. Pomposity has a brighter frost with more fuchsia. Style Curve is sheerer and purpler.

See comparison swatches!

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MAC Wonder Woman Swatches: Lipglasses Review, Photos

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Athena’s Kiss, Emancipation, Secret Identity, Wonder Woman

MAC Wonder Woman: Lipglasses

MAC WONDER WOMAN LIPGLASS ($19.50 for 0.37 oz.) include four shades: Athena’s Kiss (bright blue fuchsia), Emancipation (pale neutral pink), Secret Identity (mid-tone copper with soft pearl), and Wonder Woman (bright red with soft pearl). All four shades are new and limited edition.

  • Athena’s Kiss is a semi-opaque cool-toned fuchsia pink with white and fuchsia shimmer. It is more pigmented than Electric Fuchsia. It’s a touch darker and less creamy than True Babe.
  • Emancipation is a semi-sheer, champagne-shimmered pale beige. It is similar to Feeling Dreamy, Runway Fave, more pigmented Bare Necessities.
  • Secret Identity is a semi-sheer rusted orange with lighter orange shimmer. It applies rather unevenly, though. It’s a darker version of Kumquat.
  • Wonder Woman is a semi-opaque true red with gold shimmer. I really, really wanted to love this, but it applied a little unevenly and didn’t look as opaque on my lips as it did when swatched. It is less blue-based compared to Wicked Ways. It is also similar to Venetian, though more pigmented.

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Lipglasses are vanlla-scented, and they are typically thick and sticky. However, because of their tackiness, they do tend to wear better and longer (four hours for me). The Wonder Woman Lipglasses feel pretty thick, but they seem slightly less tacky than is the norm.

These are jumbo-sized, and for the extra $4-5 on the price tag (lipglass is normally $14.50, but with the special packaging, they would be $15.50), you are getting over double the amount in a regular lipglass (0.17 oz.). In essence, you are paying $52.70/oz. instead of $85.29/oz.

I did have trouble with these over-sized lipglasses, though.  Every time I went to pull out the applicator, a dollop of gloss would find its way on my desk, pants, or carpet.  Even when I gently and slowly pulled out the wand, it still occurred.  The fit is rather tight, so I suppose when you pull out the wand, the gloss has to go somewhere…

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

final thoughts: Emancipation and Wonder Woman should suit many skin tones from light to dark, cool to warm. Athena’s Kiss is workable on most, but it does complement cooler complexions more. Secret Identity is most suitable to warmer skin tones, because of the orange.  If you have thin lips, you probably won’t find the over-sized applicator so fun.

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