MAC To the Beach Body Oils

MAC To the Beach Body Oil

MAC Hey, Sailor: To the Beach Body Oil

MAC To the Beach Body Oil ($22.50 for 1.7 fl. oz.) is available in two shades: Man Rays (glowing tan with multi-dimensional golden shimmer) and Seaside (dirty blushy pink with multi-dimensional sparkles). They’re designed to impart a “sheer sheen and sexy gleam to skin” while softening and moisturizing the skin.

The two are noticeably different, but I think if this is your type of product, you don’t need both. Man Rays is a warm-toned bronze with gold sparkle, so when you apply and blend it out, it imparts a subtle warmth and noticeable gold sparkle. There is a sheen, but there is a lot of sparkle. Seaside is nearly colorless with white/silver sparkle. It didn’t add any tint or warmth to my skin tone, just sheen and sparkle. I think Man Rays is more suitable and usable for summer, when a lot of people are reaching for self-tanners and the like. It’s sheer and not overly warm, so I think cool complexions can still happily enjoy it. But if you want to be on the safe side, then Seaside would be most suitable for cooler complexions. I didn’t think the silver sparkle looked so great against my warmer undertones.  Man Rays does seem similar to To the Beach’s Bronze.

There was no noticeable scent, nothing fragranced but no chemical scent or the like either.  It comes in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser that you can lock and unlock, which is great for travel.  I had no problems with the pump on Man Rays and was able to get half a pump or a full pump with ease, but Seaside spurted out in big blobs.  Both body oils impart that glossy sheen and lots of sparkle.  The sparkle is downplayed indoors, but it does catch the light well outdoors.