MAC To the Beach Collection – Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Scorcher Nail Lacquer

MAC To the Beach Collection — Nail Lacquer Reviews, Photos, Swatches

To the Beach includes two shades of limited edition nail lacquer ($12 a pop). The one not yet included in this review is Scorcher (creamy bright coral-red), which I will be sure to include as soon as I can.

  • In the Buff is a muted, brownish-green. It’s not quite the green I’d think of when I hear the word “avocado,” but it’s not totally off from there either. It’s almost like an avocado that’s been exposed to air for a few too many minutes. I’m not entirely sure this is a flattering color, but it seems like a unique one to me.
  • Scorcher is a brightened, intense red-coral with a cream finish.  It was pretty easy to apply with very little streaking, even on the first coat.  I used three to get to a nice, solid color.

The application was fine for me, but I generally don’t have issues with MAC lacquers. It has a cream finish, so no shimmer, and two coats is enough to get pretty opaque, but I did three because I messed up on one finger for the second coat.