MAC Hey, Sailor Lipsticks

MAC Red Racer Lipstick

MAC Hey, Sailor: Lipsticks

MAC Hey, Sailor! Lipsticks ($15.50 for 0.10 oz.) include four shades: Red Racer (bright yellow red), Sail la Vie (bright mid-tone orange), Salute! (neutral peach), and To Catch a Sailor (highly frosted tan).

First, to those who wanted Red Racer and Sail la Vie, never fear–there are several retailers still yet to launch the collection online, and it’s still not out in-stores (except PRO stores). I wish I could have posted the lipsticks sooner, but I did not have all of them (and ironically, I was missing both the shades that sold out) until 7PM last night!

Truthfully, I was a little surprised that both sold out so quickly, because they seemed dupeable (from the descriptions), but they are certainly lovely shades and wear and apply well to boot.  I really say this as a gentle reminder that makeup is supposed to be fun.  Sometimes the adventure and efforts it takes to track down just that particular shade can be fun and exciting, but when it takes a turn for aggravating, frustrating, and upsetting? that’s when it’s too much. And never be afraid to mix and match–you might be surprised just how much you can dupe if you mix two or three products together!

The only shade that was problematic was Salute!, which applied awfully on my lips. I thought maybe it was just because it was the first lip product I swatched, so I tried it on again, but it looked just as bad (the second attempt is what is shown below).  It just catches on imperfections that a lot of other lipsticks don’t (for instance, To Catch a Sailor was swatched second).  All four shades were opaque, and they had good, creamy consistencies that enabled easier application.  I tested the wear of To Catch a Sailor (three hours) and Red Racer (five hours with a light stain).

MAC lipsticks are vanilla-scented but have no discernible taste. They’re typically packaged in a semi-matte black tube, but these are in a glossy, navy blue tubes with white striping. The finishes of these lipsticks were not at all problematic, and even though To Catch a Sailor has a very metallic finish, it wasn’t drying (but not moisturizing).

MAC Hey, Sailor Lipsticks