MAC Razzledazzler Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

MAC Razzledazzler
MAC Razzledazzler Nail Lacquer, Lipstick, Lipglass

MAC Razzledazzler Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer

MAC Razzledazzler Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) has been such a top-seller that it has now inspired a Lipglass ($14.50 for 0.17 fl. oz.) and Nail Lacquer ($16.00 for 0.34 fl. oz.) to complement it. This shade is part of the Asia Pacific region of the collection, so it will only be available online for North American buyers. Razzledazzler is described as “light cream peach.”

The lipgloss is noticeably lighter and pinker compared to the lipstick, which has a Lustre finish, so it has a sheerer, softer color. On the lips, the differences are still pronounced–you get a lighter, milkier coral-pink with the gloss but more of a peach-coral with the lipstick. The nail lacquer is much more orange in comparison–it lacks any pink-ish tone, so it comes off as more of a peachy-orange. When the lipgloss is layered over the lipstick, the resulting color is a pink-coral with a milky, creamy look and consistency. The gloss makes everything settle into lip lines, so it’s not the best look, even from a distance.

Razzledazzler Lipglass is a light-medium milky pink-coral with mostly opaque color coverage. It has a tendency to settle into lip lines. MAC So Vain is darker and less pink. MAC Tour de Fabulous is a little pinker and shimmery. Benefit Spiked Punch is more orange. (8.5, 9, 9, 8.5, 4, 4; B)

Razzledazzler Lipstick is a soft coral-peach with a nice sheen. It has a lustre finish, and while it’s permanent in Asia, it’s not here–though it came out as a limited edition shade in Raquel Welch (’07). The color coverage is semi-opaque, which is actually a lot of cover given the finish. Burberry Devon Sunset is very similar, though it’s a touch brighter. MAC So Vain is comparable, though a little warmer. MAC Flamingo is sheerer and pinker. MAC Ever Hip is pinker. (8, 9, 8.5, 7, 4, 4; B-)

Razzledazzler Nail Lacquer is a lightened medium orange with a soft, peachy quality to it, but it still reads more orange rather than peach. It’s opaque in two coats, but it had a streaky initial coat that I did have to use a thicker second coat to cover. It’s noticeably more orange compared to the lipstick and lipgloss. Cult Nails Scandalous is a little darker and has a jelly finish. Essie Tart Deco is a bit lighter. (8.5, 9, 9, 9, 4, 4; B+)

MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free. Lustre finishes like Razzledazzler typically wear two to three hours on me, and this is one of my least favorite finishes, because I find it very, very drying. Even just wearing the formula for two hours leaves my lips needing hydration. MAC Lipglasses are also vanilla-scented but taste-free. They are very sticky and have a thick, borderline-goopy consistency. If you prefer gel-like, cushion-y glosses that feel lightweight on, I don’t recommend MAC Lipglass. Because of the tackier texture, MAC Lipglasses do tend to wear a full four hours on me, with some of the darker shades lasting up to six hours (with mostly the color lingering at that point).

Note: I am reviewing each “set” together. After I’ve reviewed all sixteen sets, I will do round-ups for each product type (so all lipsticks together) to deliver an overall Glossover rating. This rating is more indicative of the product type, as the rating that follows this post is an average across three totally different types of products. You can also see the individual scores listed after each product, which are listed in the same order as they are in the Glossover.

MAC Razzledazzler Lipglass, Lipstick, Nail Lacquer