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MAC Glamour Daze Lipglasses

MAC Deliciously Demure Lipglass
MAC Glamour Daze Lipglasses

There’s Five Spice Variety Here!

MAC Glamour Daze Lipglasses ($16.50 for 0.17 fl. oz.) includes five limited edition shades: Deliciously Demure (soft cool brown with pearl), Flight of Fancy (rich purple), Impossibly Sweet (sheer soft pink with multidimensional pearl), Pink Fade (light creamy pink), and Talk Softly to Me (light creamy coral pink).

Deliciously Demure is a medium brown with just a hint of rosy pink in it along with multi-colored shimmer–the shimmer is very fine. It adds mostly shimmer to my lips, but it does darken and enhance the natural color and the overall effect is mostly opaque coverage. This shade lasted three hours on me.  It is extremely similar to Bobbi Brown Bronzed Heather, actually. Revlon Rosegold is warmer, more coral. MAC Blessedly Rich is darker, more orange. MAC Social Light is also similar. MAC Explicit is cooler-toned, less shimmery.

Flight of Fancy is a berry-purple with purple and silver shimmer and sparkle. The color coverage is semi-opaque–it adds a healthy dosage of color, but it has a stained look, because it’s not opaque. It did not apply evenly for me, and it settled into lip lines quite noticeably.  This shade lasted four and a half hours on me. MAC Dark as Night is much darker. MAC Richly Revered doesn’t have shimmer and is slightly sheerer. Tom Ford Wet Violet is more purple. MAC Lasting Achievement is a smidgen darker, less purple. MAC Lap of Luxury is more subdued.

Impossibly Sweet is a clear gloss overloaded with multi-colored sparkle. It is really just sparkle-city! I don’t see even a hint of pink in the base color; it really looks clear to me–at a stretch, maybe yellowed?  It wore for four hours on me, and there were a few stray sparkles outside of my lips. While not in the tube, Bobbi Brown Pastel is somewhat similar on. It looks like any number of sheer glosses, you just have to pick one with an abundance of shimmer. I really like super sparkly glosses, and this has a beautiful reflective effect and is more stunning in person.

Pink Fade is a light-medium pink with a hint of gray cast. It has a cream finish, which results in settling into lip lines and a somewhat uneven application. Between the color and formula, if you press your lips together, you’ll see distinctive lines. This shade wore for four hours. MAC Long Love Love is cooler-toned. MAC Snob is darker, bluer-based. MAC Angel is a bit darker and warmer. MAC Enchantee is similar. MAC Infinitely Likeable is darker.

Talk Softly to Me is a creamy coral pink. It does settle into lip lines somewhat, and there were noticeable lines when I pressed my lips together–not as obvious as Pink Fade, though. This shade lasted for four hours. NARS International Velvet is similar, just a bit sheerer. Tom Ford Sugar Pink is pinker, darker. MAC Razzledazzler is more coral. MAC Tour de Fabulous is darker and shimmery. MAC It’s a Wow is a bit more subdued and has shimmer.

Pink Fade was the least impressive out of the group, because it settled into lip lines and was difficult to apply evenly and keep it looking that way, as the moment your lips touched, you’d see a line left behind.  Talk Softly to Me had similar problems but to a lesser degree.  Flight of Fancy did not apply evenly, and with such a dark color, unevenness can be noticeable.  Deliciously Demure was the best performing, followed by Impossibly Sweet, which did have some sparkle that traveled during wear.

MAC Lipglasses are vanilla-scented, but I found all five to be lacking the typical strength of vanilla–Talk Softly to Me actually almost smelled like plastic to me.  They are a thicker gloss and are sticky.  On the whole, they tend to wear a little longer than the average gloss due to the tackiness.

MAC Glamour Daze Lipglasses


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MAC Fall Lip Colour Lipglasses Swatches, Photos, Reviews

MAC Fall Colour Lipglasses
C-Thru, Good Times, Orange Tempera, Pink Fade

MAC Fall Colour: Lipglasses

MAC Fall Colour Lipglasses ($14.50 for 0.17 fl. oz.) includes four shades: C-Thru (peachy beige with shimmer), Good Times (pale mauve), Orange Tempera (pale peach), and Pink Fade (pale pink). These are part of the MAC Fall Colour Collection, which debuts in North America on September 29th, 2011 and rolls out internationally in October. C-Thru is part of the permanent collection, the other three are limited edition.

  • C-Thru is a milky beige-nude with pale beige-white shimmer. IT’s semi-opaque and does settle a bit into lip lines. This is a permanent shade. MAC on the Scene is similar. Urban Decay Max is a little more opaque and peach-tinted.
  • Good Times is a pale, creamy mauve-pink with nearly opaque color coverage. There is enough milkiness that it does settle into lip lines but the more opaque color hides some of it. Good Times is more opaque than MAC Going Casual but less pink than MAC Splashing. FYI, it just came out with MAC Me Over.
  • Orange Tempera is a soft, light-medium peach with a creamy look. There is some settling into lip lines but it is on the more opaque side and applies fairly evenly. It is lighter than MAC Illicit.
  • Pink Fade is a really cool-toned, blue-based pale pink with a creamy milkiness that encourages settling into lip lines. The coverage is mostly opaque and applies fairly evenly. It is lighter than MAC Viva Glam Gaga. It is a little cooler-toned than MAC Enchantee.

I’m not a big fan of the way MAC’s creamier lipglasses look on lips–they tend to settle into lip lines and apply unevenly. The thickness of the lipglass texture can make it harder to get even color coverage because it doesn’t glide as easily as a thinner gloss would. Lipglass is a sticky formula with a vanilla scent that typically wears three to fours on me. I don’t find the moisturizing, but I don’t usually find them drying either. I recommend creamier shades like these over a lip liner or lipstick.