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MAC Perky Lipglass (Taste Temtpation)

MAC Perky Lipglass
MAC Perky Lipglass

Perk Up Your Winter with MAC’s New Lipgloss

MAC Perky Lipglass ($15.00 for 0.17 fl. oz.) is described as a “mid-tone shimmering lilac.” It’s a light-medium lilac purple with lighter lilac and multi-colored shimmer. On my lips, it adds a light lavender color but it’s the multitude of shimmer that really stands out. MAC Docile is lighter, less shimmery. MAC Gone Romancin’ is lighter and more tinted. MAC Frozen Dream has less shimmer.

This is the third gloss from MAC’s Taste Temptation Collection, which launched online this week and will hit stores and counters this Thursday.  It’s a semi-sheer gloss that adds a lot of shimmer, as the base color is fairly sheer.  The base color lightens my natural lip color with a light milkiness that’s tinted lilac. Lipglass is one of those formulas that runs from sheer to opaque and everything in-between. The consistency was a little thinner than the average Lipglass, though it was still tacky.  It was also vanilla-scented but had no discernible taste.  This shade lasted three and a half hours on me and was neither drying nor hydrating.


We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

MAC Taste Temptation Lipglasses

MAC Good Times Lipglass
MAC Good Times Lipglass

Three Lipglasses to Tempt You

MAC Taste Temptation Lipglasses ($15.00 for 0.17 fl. oz.) features three shades: Good Times (pale mauve), Revenge is Sweet (vivid purple), and Perky (mid-tone shimmering lilac)–the latter I do not have but will purchase when the collection launches online. Both Good Times and Revenge is Sweet are repromotes.

Good Times is a pale, gray-ish pink-beige with a cream finish. It yielded mostly opaque color coverage, but it does settle into lip lines. MAC The Wee Coquette is lighter, cooler-toned. MAC Pink Fade is pinker, more blue-based.  This shade was released twice last year, so you may already have it.

Revenge is Sweet darkens my natural lip color to a reddish-pink and adds a fine dusting of iridescent fuchsia-purple micro-shimmer. The way it sits and looks reminds me of jelly nail polishes. MAC Dress Kimono is lighter. MAC Fabulous Fun has glitter rather than shimmer.

Perky will be reviewed when I can purchase it.

MAC Lipglass is vanilla-scented, sticky, on the thicker side , and tends to wear a little longer than the average gloss.  I noticed that Good Times had an odd, almost plastic-like scent.  It was not the normal vanilla-scented gloss I’m used to, though there was a lingering vanilla in it, there was also something else.  Good Times wore for four hours, while Revenge is Sweet wore for there hours.  They were neither drying nor hydrating.

MAC Taste Temptation Lipglasses