MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Kohl Powers

Power That Builds

MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers ($16.50 for 0.04 oz.) are available in four shades: Feline (intense black with black pearl), Mystery (intense black with green pearl), Orpheus (intense black with gold pearl), and Raven (intense black with red pearl).

Feline has been reviewed previously here. As of the last one I purchased (back in 2010), it was still a lovely rich, intensely pigmented black eyeliner with a smooth, creamy texture that stayed put.

I purchased the recently released versions of the other three eyeliners, even though all of them are repromotes. The colors are all exactly the same, but the texture seemed a little drier with the new versions. Not a lot drier, just somewhat, and they’re not as creamy as Feline (so if you hated how creamy Feline was, you may prefer these). It is interesting to see your own evolution, because I remember loving the Kohl Power formula in general (being particularly taken with Feline), but I’m not really into these. They require a lot more building to yield good color payoff. They also have a tendency to look uneven if you don’t, because it’s like the color isn’t actually mixed–it’s black and then pearl, and it mixes as you move the pencil back and forth.

  • Mystery is a blackened teal. I couldn’t think of a possible dupe for this one. I imagine you could try to apply a black eyeliner and then apply a brighter teal eyeliner over it to yield something similar.
  • Orpheus is a dirty gray-brown with antique gold. MAC Uniform is a bit greener–more olive than brown/gray. MAC Black Line is blacker.
  • Raven is a dark burgundy-brown. Urban Decay Rockstar has more purple, less red in it.

Mystery was the least impressive; it was a bit drier than the other two, and it required some pressure and several passes to build up the color. It’s definitely possible, but after being exposed to a number of more impressive formulas, it could use greater intensity in a single go.  The formula remains smudgeable for a few minutes after applying, but set down and on me, they wear good to great.  They make it to eight hours, though with Mystery I could see some had disappeared after eight hours.  Raven and Orpheus lasted a full eight hours.

MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers