MAC Lavish Coral Lip Look Bag

MAC Lavish Coral Lip Look Bag
MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

Don’t Be Shy, Girl — Lavish Yourself with… Peach

MAC Lavish Coral Lip Look Bag ($39.50) contains Shy Girl (lipstick, creamy neutral coral beige), Kiss Me Softly (Cremesheen Glass, soft peach with gold pearl), and Boldly Bare (lip pencil, dirty red brown).

The lipstick is 0.10 oz. (full-sized), Cremesheen Glass is 0.09 oz. (full-sized), and the lip pencil is 0.02 oz. (full-sized is 0.05 oz.). The value of the three products is $40.50, and then you also get a vinyl bag with leopard-print and pink satin that peeks through it.

Shy Girl is a warm peach with very subtle golden shimmer and has a natural sheen. It has a Cremesheen finish, and it is part of the permanent range. MAC Gotta Dash is brighter, lighter. YSL Tender Peach is more opaque and peachier, while YSL Peach Passion is pinker and more opaque. Illamasqua Brink is brighter, more orange. MAC Fashion City is more orange.

Kiss Me Softly is a warm peach-beige with barely-there golden shimmer. On lips, it yields semi-sheer color coverage and does settle into lip lines a bit. I didn’t notice the settling too much from a distance. Chanel Mystery is darker. MAC Persistent Peach is pinker and more opaque. Chanel Genie is more orange. MAC Mimmy is similar. MAC Celestial Kiss is darker orange.

Boldly Bare is a subdued, medium orange-brown with a matte finish. The texture is true-to-form; it’s creamy enough to apply on lips, but it doesn’t smudge or move once you’ve applied it (even initially).

When you layer all three products, you can achieve a light-medium orange peach with a glossy sheen and not much shimmer–it looks very creamy. I would argue that this set is more peach than it is coral. It’s just peach, peach, and more peach (and brown). If you were hoping for a true coral, you might want to check out some of MAC’s permanent products (Crosswires comes to mind).

I, unfortunately, do not have a fully positive experience with the Cremesheen formula–I find them drying and Shy Girl isn’t an exception (I actually reviewed it just this past April). It’s somewhat drying, and while it has the word “Creme” in the name, it does tug and pull at the lips a little. After a few swipes, it’s easier to apply (I think they do better at warmer temperatures). It lasted for just over there hours on me. Kiss Me Softly lasted a measly hour when I tested it, which is consistent with the Cremesheen Glass formula, but it’s still a really quick-to-leave-you gloss. Boldly Bare wears like iron, but it’s not a product that I can wear on its own; it’s a little dry and uncomfortable by itself. When I wore all three together, the combination lasted six hours, though the glossiness had faded after an hour and a half.

MAC Lavish Coral Lip Look Bag