MAC Glamour Daze Lipsticks

MAC Glamour Daze Lipsticks

For Those Who Love Non-Traditional Holiday Lip Color

MAC Glamour Daze Lipsticks ($16.50 for 0.10 oz.) are available in five shades: Beauty (pale cool pink), Dramatic Encounter (deep purple), Glamourdaze (mid-tone creamy plum), Innocence (soft coral), and Outrageously Fun (mid-tone magenta violet).

Beauty is a light, cool-toned pink with a soft frosted finish, though it is officially a glaze finish by MAC. It’s more of a gray-ish pink than a blue-based one. The light color paired with the finish really accentuated the texture of my lips in a way I felt made them look very dry. The color coverage was mostly opaque. When I wore this shade, it lasted for three hours, and I tried wearing it back-to-back, and I found it slightly drying. MAC Lazy Sunday is a bit pinker, creamier. MAC You’re Perfect Already is warmer, pinker. MAC Annemiek is cooler-toned, sheerer. Chanel Candeur is similar, just a sheerer formula. MAC Double Spin is even cooler-toned. MAC Mlle is extremely similar.

Dramatic Encounter is a dark, burgundy red with faint burgundy shimmer. It’s mostly opaque in color, and it has an amplified finish. MAC describes it as deep purple, but it’s more wine–a lot of red in this shade. This shade lasted for six hours on me, and it was neither drying nor hydrating; I did see some very faint feathering along the upper left edge of my lip after three and a half hours. The texture was very slick–almost wet in a way–creamy but thin. Chanel L’Impatiente is redder, lighter. MAC Hang Up is a bit redder, more berry–makes this shade look brown-ish. MAC Endless Drama is a smidgen redder.

Glamourdaze is a subdued plummy red with a glossy sheen. It has a Cremesheen finish and opaque color coverage. It had a slightly stiff consistently–much like the Cremesheen finish tends to be, which I just don’t find to be creamy. It wore for five hours, and it was neither drying nor hydrating. MAC Offshoot is a smidgen pinker. CoverGirl Fervor is a little more intense. Cle de Peau #117 is very similar. Dior Raspberry is also similar. MAC Capricious is lighter, pinker.

Innocence is a light-medium coral with warm undertones and a delicate golden peach frosted shimmer. It has opaque color, and it has a frost finish–and it’s extremely frosted. Like Beauty, the lighter color paired with the high frost finish tended to make lips appear drier. It wore for four hours and was somewhat drying. MAC Coral Bliss is darker, pinker, less frosted. MAC Cut a Caper is darker, pinker. NARS Bolero is a smidgen pinker but close in color.

Outrageously Fun is a blue-based magenta pink with a natural sheen. It has opaque color coverage, and it has a Cremesheen finish. There are a lot of fuchsias on the market, but what will make this one stand out (at least, somewhat) is it is very magenta and cool-toned–less pink than it is magenta. It lasted four hours on my lips, and it was a smidgen drying. Chanel Extatique is pinker, iridescent. OCC Nylon is infinitely brighter. MAC Dear Diary is darker, brighter. MAC Candy Yum Yum is darker, brighter as well. MAC Pink Pigeon is deeper, matte. Chanel Kensington is pinker.

Glamourdaze was the best performer out of the five, because it wore well and didn’t dry out lips.  Beauty and Innocence were the more problematic of the shades, while I did encounter feathering with Dramatic Encounter, so you may want to be prepared to use a lip liner with that particular shade–very few products bleed/feather, so I am a bit concerned.  Outrageously Fun is, well, fun; aside from the slightly drying result, it’s a nice alternative to some of the recently released neon magenta shades.

MAC Glamour Daze Lipsticks