MAC Glamour Daze Fluidline

MAC Feminine Edge Fluidline
MAC Feminine Edge Fluidline

Paint Pots Dressed Up as Fluidlines

MAC Glamour Daze Fluidlines ($16.50 for 0.10 oz.) includes three new (and limited!) shades: Catch My Eye (cool taupe grey with dazzle pearl), Feminine Edge (pink mauve with dazzle pearl), and Little Black Bow (charcoal with dazzle pearl).

These were an odd bunch of Fluidlines. I don’t like them as Fluidlines at all; I don’t think they work well for lining–I tried using all three by applying them with MAC’s 208 brush (which is what I typically use for Fluidlines), and so little product gets dispersed. The line is uneven, and these were really, really creamy, so they tended to smudge easily while you were trying to line. All three looked significantly different when used as an eyeliner than how they appeared in the pot, and a lot of it is because they’re not very pigmented from the get-go. They’re buildable, and the Fluidline formula is very conducive to layering, but to get an opaque line, I had to re-line two to four times.

Ultimately, they felt more like Paint Pots in Fluidline clothing! They would work better as Paint Pots, too, because as a sheer wash of sparkly cream eyeshadow, they work. The Fluidline formula is great here: it’s creamy but stubbornly long-lasting, so it dries down in thirty seconds or so, and then it stays on for eight hours or longer. There is almost no fall out during the wear; I saw a couple stray sparkles but it was very, very minimal.

Catch My Eye is a gray-ish taupe with champagne sparkle. When layered heavily, it has a metallic finish and looks very taupe, but when used as an eyeliner, it looks almost mauve and is quite light and sheer. Sheered out, as kind of a base or wash of eyeshadow, it is more taupe but still mauve-y. The metallic finish is a lot less apparent unless it is layered.

Feminine Edge is a sparkly sheer medium pink with chunky sparkle. This one was the sheerest and most difficult shade to work with, because it was very sparkly and gritty. It doesn’t really show up as pink unless you use several layers of product, as it shows up as a sheer, warm-ish pink tinge as an eyeliner and mostly just sparkles.

Little Black Bow is a soft brown-black with sparkle. When it is layered heavily, you’ll see the brown tones come out, but when it is sheered out as a wash, it looks more like a soft black with mere brown tones. As an eyeliner, it looks like a faded almost taupe-like brown.

As Fluidlines, they’re disappointing, because while you can always use a Fluidline as an eyeshadow base or cream eyeshadow, that’s not really its primary purpose.  These don’t line well; they’re the kind of product that is better layered over your favorite eyeliner, because then these can add sparkle but you wouldn’t have to rely on it for providing color, too.  As more of a wash of sparkly eyeshadow, they’re better, and they are buildable to fairly opaque coverage, but it will take some layering.

For a particular type of use and for the right person, I could see some of these shades being must-haves, but for someone who’s looking for Blacktrack with sparkle, you won’t find that kind of payoff here.  They were more reminiscent of last year’s Glitter & Ice Paint Pots than the Fluidline range.

MAC Glamour Daze Fluidline