MAC Cremesheen + Pearl: Cremesheen Glasses (Part 1)

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl

Are You Ready for Sheer, Spring-like Colors for Fall?

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl is a new collection now available online (and will hit stores on August 9th) that features eight lipsticks (all with Cremesheen finishes) and seven Cremesheen Glasses. All fifteen lip products are new, but here’s the surprising news: they’re also permanent! This post features these four Cremesheen Glass shades: Double Happiness (frosted light nude), Dynasty at Dusk (frosted neutral pink), Floating Lotus (frosted soft rose), and Imperial Light (frosted light peach).

  • Double Happiness is a pale rose-tinted peach nude with pale champagne shimmer. On lips, it gives a lightening effect with a noticeable milkiness and fine shimmer. It does settle into lip lines somewhat. MAC On the Scene is milkier and has less shimmer. Estee Lauder Star is cooler-toned. MAC Soft Dazzle has larger shimmer. MAC Devilishly Stylish is more opaque and has larger shimmer. MAC You’ve Got It is slightly less milky but fairly similar. MAC Partial to Pink is pinker and has less shimmer.
  • Dynasty at Dusk is a pink-coral with light gold shimmer. This one had semi-sheer color coverage–it added a healthy dosage of color but still looks like a gloss (with a certain level of translucency). MAC So Vain is pinker. MAC Richer, Lusher is pinker, less coral. MAC Strange Potion is a bit pinker with pink shimmer. Chanel Pensee is similar but has less gold shimmer and is sheerer.
  • Floating Lotus is a light-medium pink with soft gold shimmer. It looks just slightly cool against my skin tone, and it’s semi-sheer–some color but not full color. This one looks splotchy on my lips, though. Tom Ford Sugar Pink is just slightly pinker and more opaque. Bobbi Brown Cosmic Pink is sheerer. Chanel Confidence is similar but has pink and white shimmer. Chanel Pink Teaser is brighter.
  • Imperial Light is a peachy brown with peach-gold shimmer. It has semi-sheer color coverage, so it adds noticeable color to the lips without covering them up. MAC Celestial Kiss is a smidgen pinker and doesn’t have gold shimmer. Burberry Cameo is more orange. Revlon Rosegold is rosier and has a ton more shimmer. Bobbi Brown Beach is darker.

I was only able to squeeze in testing of one shade yesterday, but I was able to get up early enough to get in an early morning test of another shade 🙂 I will be testing a few more today, too. So far, though, I’ve been able to wear Dynasty at Dusk for two and a half hours and Rising Sun for two hours. Cremesheen Glasses typically wear between an hour and two hours on me–sometimes a little longer, but usually between one and two hours. It’s a rather short-wearing formula for me, as I usually average three to four hours on gloss.

I’m not someone who likes to reapply often, but I know that it’s not a deal-breaker for a lot. I do want to point out that these contain less product than the average gloss: these only have 0.09 fl. oz. To contrast, MAC Lipglass has 0.17 fl. oz., while it is an improvement over Dazzleglass, which has a mere 0.06 fl. oz. Combined with frequent reapplication, you’re likely to go through a tube far faster if you use it regularly.

Cremesheen Glasses have a creamy, not quite gel-like, but close, texture that’s thin without being too thin. It’s non-sticky, and it’s a nice alternative to those who find Lipglass to be too heavy/sticky. It is vanilla-scented but has no noticeable taste. It’s not drying, but they’re not overly hydrating.  They come with a doe-foot applicator inside a clear plastic tube.  A couple of these shades were on the milky side, which did lead to color settling into lip lines.