MAC Daddy’s Little Girl Lipstick (Archie’s Girls)

MAC Daddy's Little Girl Lipstick
MAC Daddy’s Little Girl Lipstick

MAC Daddy’s Little Girl Lipstick ($16.50 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “mid-tone pink violet” with a satin finish. It’s a rich magenta fuchsia with strong, blue undertones, and a creamy finish with a natural sheen. MAC Candy Yum Yum is more neon and just slightly bluer-based. MAC Night Blooming is a smidgen darker and more magenta/purple. MAC Outrageously Fun is lighter and glossier. MAC Dear Diary is a touch purpler. NYX Pink Lyric is more muted and pinker.

It’s incredibly opaque–completely covers my lip freckle with not even a shadow coming through. The texture is creamy enough to glide on without skipping or dragging on the lips, but it doesn’t slip-slide around during the day, so it also didn’t feather or bleed on me. It wore exceptionally well, coming in at six hours, and it also left behind a stain.  It was just a tiny bit drying over time.

MAC is no stranger to shades like these, though, and while absolutely lovely in so many ways, you may already have something like it in your stash. If it’s the kind of shade you wear often, then you’ll probably note the slight differences between all of them. If you rarely do, you could skip.