MAC Cham-Pale: Complete Comfort Cream & Fix+ Lavender

MAC Complete Comfort Cream
MAC Complete Comfort Cream

MAC Cham-Pale: Skincare

There were two skincare products launched with Cham-Pale: MAC Complete Comfort Cream ($32.00 for 1.7 fl. oz.), which is permanent (except Asian locations), and MAC Fix+ Lavender ($18.00 for 3.4 fl. oz.), which is limited edition.  This post is more of a photo post than a review, as I haven’t had the opportunity to trial either of these products as I would normal skincare products.  I am not currently planning to review either in-depth, as my skincare review calendar has several other products already in line.  (I also do not want to lead you on thinking you may see one in the near future!)

The Complete Comfort Cream is a thicker cream that absorbs quickly (about three to five minutes on the face), and it has MAC’s signature skincare fragrance, which seems to be a blend of subtle citrus and some kind of herbal hint–it’s pleasant and not overwhelming nor “perfume-y.”  It is the same Comfort Cream originally part of Prescriptives’ line (and still technically available online at Prescriptives).  Given the thickness of the cream, I imagine this is most suited for those with dry to normal-to-dry skin.

Fix+ Lavender is a colorless spray that has a strong scent of sweetened vanilla and lavender when sprayed, but the scent dissipates quickly (we’re talking seconds).  I found the scent too strong; too much when spraying on my face, but when I sprayed it in my boyfriend’s face, he thought it was “nice.”

MAC Cham-Pale Collection is a limited edition launch (official information and photos here) that is set to launch in-stores on December 26th in North American, January 2011 for international MAC locations. The approximate launch date for online is December 24th. It features color products as well as a few skincare items.

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