MAC Fabulousness Warm Eye Palette

MAC Fabulousness / Warm Eye Palette
MAC Fabulousness / Warm Eye Palette

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MAC Fabulousness / Warm Eye Palette ($39.50 for 0.14 oz.) contains five eyeshadows: Glamour Light (soft beige frost), Retrospeck (bleached blonde), Honesty (pewtered bronze), Cognac (frosty golden bronze), and Sketch (burgundy with red shimmer). Honesty, Retrospeck, and Sketch are all available as part of the permanent range.

Whew! There is not a lot of product in this palette! For reference, MAC eyeshadow quads ($38.00) typically contain 0.19 to 0.20 oz. (about 0.05 oz. per eyeshadow). Last year’s holiday eyeshadow palettes contained 0.21 oz. (and retailed for $38.00). The prior year’s holiday palettes contained 0.19 oz. (and retailed for $36.00). You used to get six shades, but with this year’s design, you’re getting five.

Glamour Light is a pale golden beige. This has a satin finish. It is a little sheer, but it is a very light shade overall–it tended to disappear against my skin tone in particular, unfortunately! Cinderella A Wish is similar. MAC Sahara Dust is less warm. MAC Baby, It’s Cold is very similar. MAC Dazzlelight is lighter.

Retrospeck is light-medium gold subdued by brown. This has a lustre finish, so it has a fair amount of sparkle and doesn’t apply really smoothly. It’s part of the permanent range. Chanel Apparence is darker. Buxom Poodle is yellower.

Honesty is a coppery orange-brown with lighter copper shimmer and sheen. It is pretty sheer, and it was very, very dry. This has a lustre finish, but it is so much drier and less pigmented in this palette than it is in permanent form. Urban Decay Penny Lane is a bit lighter. MAC Star Myth is darker, redder.

Cognac is a molten golden bronze. This has a frost finish. This was the best performing shade out of all three palettes–it was soft, smooth, richly pigmented, and easy to blend out. Inglot #404 is a bit lighter. Urban Decay Rush is darker, less warm. MAC Romp is darker, browner. Urban Decay Honey is less brown, more golden. MAC Old Gold is similar but has that green-ish sheen.

Sketch is a dark burgundy with a smattering of barely-there-sparkle that you really can’t see once it’s applied. This has a velvet finish. It had good color payoff, and it blended out without trouble when I used it. theBalm Moderato is more subdued. theBalm Sexy is browner.

This palette was the best out of the there eyeshadow palettes (and while I have to crunch the numbers, my big picture view is saying this is the best out of all the palettes).  Retrospeck and Honesty have fall out, being that they’re lustres, with Honesty being a bigger offender.  (I feel like I’m making excuses; it’s like “well, it’s not horrible, so at least that’s good, right?”)  Glamour Light works but could use a softer, denser texture to yield slightly more pigment–it would make it a more versatile shade.  Cognac was really lovely and easy to work with; if the whole palette was like that, we’d have A-quality.  Sketch is true-to-form and is nicely pigmented and dark.  It’s soft enough to be blendable (could be a little easier, though) but is not powdery.

MAC Fabulousness Warm Eye Palette