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MAC Cheers My Dear Pigment (Archie’s Girls)

MAC Cheers My Dear Pigment
MAC Cheers My Dear Pigment

MAC Cheers My Dear Pigment ($23.00 for 0.15 oz.) is described as a “light lavender” with a frost finish. It’s a bright, lilac pink with a frosted, white metallic sheen. MAC Amethyst is more glittery and pinker. MAC Light Violet is purpler and chunkier. theBalm Curtain Call is much less metallic/frosted.

This shade is incredibly frosted and metallic–even when applied dry, the metallic finish is very pronounced. Anything with this much frost/metallic content can have a tendency to look crepe-y on lids, and this one definitely did some of that, but it wasn’t too noticeable, because it smoothed out well and didn’t cake up in places. Similarly, because it has a lot of reflection, it looks lighter applied than it does in the container.  Cheers My Dear was rather pigmented both dry and wet, though it was pinker when applied dry.  It binds together well, so it adheres better to the lid without a primer.  I typically see eight hours of wear with minor fading with MAC’s pigments.


We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

MAC Cool Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter Set

MAC Cool Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter Set
Pigments: Cheers My Dear, Mauvement, Silver Fog, Softwash Grey; Reflects Pearl Glitter

MAC Cool Thrillseekers Pigments/Glitter Set

Each pigment/glitter set includes four pigments and one glitter, each contains 0.09 oz. of product, according to the tin. The five glass vials are housed inside a tartan-decorated metal tin, and there is a plastic insert that keeps them standing together, but it’s removable, should you desire. I did find it curious that there were no inserts regarding uses (e.g. what’s eye/lip safe) in any of the sets, though.

This set includes: Cheers My Dear (pale violet), Mauvement (cool taupe with gold pearl), Silver Fog (platinum silver), Softwash Grey (grey with purple pearl), and Reflects Pearl (very fine particle white glitter with a pearl sheen).

  • Cheers My Dear is a pinked lilac with a frosted silver sheen. This is a new and limited edition shade to the set. It’s a cross between Pink Pearl and Kitschmas pigments–it’s not as cool-toned or as purple as Kitschmas, as it’s pinker, but it’s not nearly as pink or fuchsia as Pink Pearl.
  • Mauvement is a bronzy taupe with a mauve undertone and champagne sheen. This is a repromote.
  • Silver Fog is a bright silver with a nearly metallic shine. This is a PRO shade.
  • Softwash Grey is a cool-toned, blue-purple gray with a slight metallic sheen. This is a repromote.
  • Reflects Pearl is a glimmering silver-white glitter with no real color base. This is a permanent shade. I see this working more as a layering shade than alone, because it lacks a cohesive color base so it doesn’t hold together.

I think the pigment sets are a good value, and they’re always worth a peek if you’re into loose color or pigments. You’re getting 0.45 oz. of product for $32.50, while a single, full-sized pigment contains 0.15 oz. of product and retails for $19.50–essentially, this is $60 worth of pigments/glitters.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you love smoky eyes, metallic finishes, or cool tones in general, this is a worthwhile set.

AVAILABILITY: MAC Cosmetics (November 4th/11th — check your local store for availability; I’m getting mixed reports)